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Subvert by Glitchmachines Is Now Less Than Half Price!!

Plugin Boutique are offering 66% off Subvert by Glitchmachines for a limited time, now only £14.95 / $17.99, (usually £44.99 / $54.13). The offers end March 31st.

Based on 5 Effects: Multimode Distortion, FM Ring Modulator, Digitizer, Metalizer and Multimode Filter – Subvert generates anything from subtle harmonics to relentlessly brutal distortions. Offering three parallel channels of each effects chain as well as a wealth of modulation and routing options, Subvert is Glitchmachine’s take on signal decimation with a twist.

Subvert’s multi-channel layout and per-effect bypass option make it possible to reconfigure the order of effects in each chain in a variety of creative ways. Between the unconventional routing options, 15 effects processors, global EQ, numerous modulation options and global randomizer, Subvert makes it possible to achieve mind-bending destructive effects.

While Subvert’s primary focus is on Distortion, it features four additional effects that can be configured in various ways across its three channels. Driving its core are 2 envelope followers and 4 LFOs with optional tempo sync, which can have their output inverted or combined using up to 4 mixers. The final output of the plugin can be sculpted with the master EQ.

With a multi-mode filter as the first processor in each chain, it is possible to set up multi-band effects patches where each channel is processing a different frequency range of the incoming signal. Bypassing certain effects within a chain allows you to globally reconfigure the order of effects, thereby giving you many options in setting up parallel and serial processing patches.

Features includes:

  • Multi-Channel Distortion
  • 3 Parallel Multi-Effects Chains
  • Extensive Routing Options
  • Extensive Modulation Options
  • Global 3-Band Equalizer
  • Scalable User Interface

Subvert is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Subvert, click here:

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