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ZAK Sound Release Endless Clouds 2

ZAK Sound have released Endless Clouds 2, a library laced with various pads, available at the intro price of £15.40, increasing to £22.00. The offer ends March 31st. Version 1 users can upgrade for FREE!

Endless Clouds 2 has a new dual-layer processor to create more immersive and atmospheric sounds.

The pads are divided into 3 categories: atmospheric pads (31), bass pads (25), and suspense pads (16).

Each of the 72 pads has two different layers (A and B) to generate a combined sound. Additionally, it is possible to control the volume and panning of each layer separately for better control of each pad.

Endless Clouds 2 includes a variety of effects and settings. 

The reverb allows for the essence of the pad to be transformed and taken to an even more atmospheric level. In addition, its size, width, and mix/blend controls allow for its configuration to be modified. 

The delay, on the other hand, allows for repetitions in the air that add a different tint to the pads. The chorus, on the other hand, generates strange modulations to create more suspense and unusual sounds. 

Lowpass, saturation, (low-frequency) width, saturation, attack, and release controls are also included.

Features include:

  • 72 dual-layer pads 
  • Separate volume and panning control for layers A and B 
  • Effects: reverb, delay, chorus, and saturation 
  • Settings: lowpass, attack, release, and width 
  • Available in VST3/AU for Windows and macOS 
  • 260MB of space.

Endless Clouds 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Endless Clouds 2, click here:

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