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3 New Instruments From Have Audio

Have Audio introduce Caffè Antico, a series of 3 instruments for Kontakt – Bass Recorder (€49.00), Crumhorn (€39.00) and Rebec (€29.00).

Bass Recorder

The sound of the Mandolorian and so much more!

The bass recorder is a wind instrument belonging to the family of recorders, commonly used in Europe during the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Brought back to popular culture during the twentieth century it became a popular amateur and educational instrument since then, beloved for its sweet and creamy sound, great playability and its wide sonic range allowing tons of articulations, tone colors and special effects.

Incredibly versatile, it can be used for a variety of genres, from early and antique music, medieval melodies, epic scores up to songwriting, pop songs and Beatles-like arrangements up to contemporary classic scores. We really sampled all you can get from this instrument, providing total playability and lost of textures, special effects and useful embellishments.


The crumhorn is a double reed instrument belonging to the woodwind family, mostly used during the Renaissance period but brought back to popular culture during the 60s thanks to a revival of interest in early music.

Its construction is similar to that of the chanter of a bagpipe, which gives the crumhorn its strong buzzing, bagpipe-like sound, while allowing lots of possible different timbres and colors at the same time.

We sampled a beautiful tenor crumhorn exploring all of its sound possibilities: with both open and closed bell and with the “onion” bell mouth (Cromorno d’Amore) that delivers a stunning, muted vox humana-type sound.


From the mountains of Cantabria, we are bringing you the raw sound of medieval Taverns right in your DAW!

The rebec is a 1-to-5 bowed stringed instrument from the Medieval era and early Renaissance that was typically played by professional minstrels and musicians at feasts.

We sampled a unique-sounding “rabel” (a spanish rebec) built more than 30 years ago in a remote village over the mountains of Cantabria, according to 3 centuries of oral tradition and craftsman’s teachings. There’s just a primal enchantment crafted into this 2-strings rebec: body made of raw wood, lamb skin that requires sun every now and then in order to sound properly and a bow made with horse hair.

All 3 libraries require a full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later.

For more information on the Caffè Antico libraries, click here:

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