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Chamberlin M1 By Jamie Lidell – New For Decent Sampler & Kontakt Users

Decent Sampler and Kontakt have a new addition, the Chamberlin M1 by Jamie Lidell, available at the intro price of $35.00, increasing to $50.00 after the promotion.

Legendary and extremely rare, the Chamberlin M1 may have been the first sampler ever. Now you can own all eight gorgeous sounds of this iconic instrument–captured dry via telefunken V72 preamps, dirtily though a silvertone, and Roland RE201 and via 2 mono Nagra tape machines with ADT phasing techniques which are the true star of this pack.

This is a marvelous, wild, brutal beast of an instrument and it’s been captured for your sonic adventures here in a series of 8 instruments which are found on this particular unit.

Some say only 80 or so M1s were ever made and there are hardy any left in working condition so this is most certainty a rarity and I took the task of sampling it very seriously.

This unit belongs to the excellent Rob Burger (keyboard master that’s played with John Zorn, Laurie Anderson and many more) and was sampled in a painstaking manner yielding a set of captures that showcase the sounds on the tapes in a way that’s never been heard before.

The reason it’s so unique is the use of 3 recording methods which can be blended to taste alongside an ADSR and built in reverb to allow instant control to fit your use case. Here are the 3 recording types:

  • The DRY is a direct output from the instrument running into a Telefunken V72 preamp
  • The DIRT is the direct signal processed though a silvertone amp head and into a Roland RE-201 space echo in spring reverb mode
  • 3+4 are the DUAL MONO ADT NAGRA recordings and they are the star of the show and the motivation behind the instrument. They yield a sound that you’ll not have heard from an M1 before!

The included sounds are:

  • Bassoon
  • Trombone
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • French horn
  • Oboe
  • Violine

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