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A Major Update For BEATSURFING 2

BEATSURFING 2 by Druw Audio has just been given a much requested and higly anticipated update. BEATSURFING 2 is available as a free download with various in-app purchases available to buy for full functionality.

BEATSURFING 2 is now available as an AUv3 plugin. Seamlessly send MIDI or audio straight to other iOS apps such as AUM, BeatMaker3, Loopy Pro, GarageBand, and more.

More about BEATSURFING 2

BEATSURFING transforms music production and performance – it’s different, it’s fun, it’s genius!!

With its movement-based approach, BEATSURFING opens the door to creative expression like never before in music creation. Quickly sketch out ideas, integrate them into your music and use your creations for a compelling live performance.

Get inspired – Looking for that perfect snare, or have you sampled the perfect kick? Browse other producers’ instruments or layouts then tweak or replace samples with your own to get the sound you’re looking for.

Features include:

  • BEATSURFING EDITOR: Place, resize, and color instruments
  • BEATSURFING BROWSER: Drag & Drop instruments/samples and play them
  • BEATSURFING CONNECT: Create connections between instruments
  • BEATSURFING MIXER: Mix instruments together
  • BEATSURFING INSTRUMENT CATALOG: Some instruments are free and can be tweaked. Paymium instruments can be used as-is and be played. Unlocked users have access to all instrument parameters.
  • ABLETON LINK: Link and sync with your DAW or favorite devices
  • MIDI OUT: Control your favorite synths and drum machines with midi instruments
  • SAMPLE IMPORT: Import your own samples
  • SAMPLE TRIM: Keep the part of the sample you want
  • INSTRUMENT PRESETS: Use the existing presets or create your own
  • Performance Looper with multiple layers
  • Apply custom images to individual pads
  • AUv3 support

Watch the demo HERE.

For more information on BEATSURFING 2, click here:

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