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IK Multimedia Adds 50 Tone Models To TONEX Max & TONEX Pedal

IK Multimedia have released 50 tone models for AmpliTube TONEX MAX and TONEX Pedal users, bringing the total up to 1,100 Tone Models included in TONEX MAX.

High-gain Heroes is a collection of 50 high-gain Tone Models of essential amps from IK’s private vault, masterfully captured using IK’s AI Machine Modeling. These include Tone Models based on the following:

  • Bogner Ecstasy
  • Fender EVH 5150III 50w
  • Marshall 6100 LM Anniversary
  • Marshall JCM 900
  • MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier 2ch
  • MESA/Boogie Mark IV A
  • Mezzabarba Mzero
  • Mezzabarba Trinity
  • Orange Rockerverb MK I
  • Peavey 5150
  • PRS Archon 100
  • Randall Warhead WH300

The collection features 25 Premium Tone Models of the above amps with a cab and 25 of the exact same models without a cab, so users can use their favorite IR’s or IK’s VIR included with TONEX to swap in different cabs.

IK used classic stomps for some of the captures to offer maximum variety, including a Boss GE-7, Fortin Grind, Friedman BE-OD, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Ibanez Tube Screamer and Maxon OD808.

To start using these new tones, users can just follow the instructions HERE. For those who don’t have TONEX MAX or TONEX Pedal, they can still update their version (TONEX SE, Full) or download the free TONEX CS and demo any of the new high-gain Tone Models for up to 30 minutes.

For more information in TONEX, click here:

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