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Psychedelic Guitars is a collection of over 100 guitar loops and one-shots that will inspire your creativity and add some spice to your tracks. Whether you need some trippy leads, ambient pads, funky riffs or distorted drones, Psychedelic Guitars has it all.

Psychedelic Guitars VST by BeastSamples is a guitar plugin that offers unique and creative sounds for music producers. It is not a typical guitar library that tries to emulate realistic guitar playing. Instead, it is a collection of complex and distinct compositions that explore the full potential of the guitar as an instrument.

The plugin has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you focus on making music. You can choose from three different sound modes: Keyboard, Chord, and Phrase. Each mode has its own characteristics and possibilities.

Keyboard mode consists of tones, experimental sounds, and distortions that span four octaves of your keyboard (C1-C5). You can use this mode to create atmospheric pads, melodic leads, or gritty riffs.

Chord mode consists of chords, single notes, and effects that occupy the first octave of your keyboard (C1-B1). You can use this mode to add harmony, texture, or movement to your tracks. You can also combine this mode with any sound from Keyboard or Phrase modes.

Phrase mode consists of phrases with different melodies and grooves that change with each octave. The phrases are recorded in a clever way to create endless and surprising combinations. You can use this mode to add rhythm, variation, or inspiration to your music.

The plugin also lets you control the articulations with a simple threshold system. You can stack multiple articulations for complex textures and switch between them with ease. You can also choose from three processing chains: Pure (a blend of the seven microphones in the room), Amp (a distorted and saturated sound), or Tape (a vintage and warm sound).

Psychedelic Guitars VST has a low CPU footprint and loads quickly.

If you are looking for a guitar plugin that gives you unique and creative sounds for your music production, Psychedelic Guitars VST by BeastSamples might be what you need. It is not a realistic guitar library but rather an experimental and expressive one. It will let you explore the full potential of the guitar as an instrument.

Features include:

  • 3 modes: Keyboard/ Chords/Phrases
  • High quality Fxs: Cutoff/ Room/ R. Width/ Amount/ Delay/ Feedback/ Mix/ Speed/ Depth / Attack / Maaster
  • Does not require Kontakt
  • Straightforward & Easy to use Interface
  • High-End Audio
  • Unique Algorithm
  • Available for Win/Mac/M1

Psychedelic Guitars is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Psychedelic Guitars, click here:

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