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Vir2 Instruments Release MOJO 2: Horn Section

Vir2 Instruments have released MOJO 2: Horn Section and Plugin Boutique are offering an intro deal for a limited time. MOJO 2: Horn Section is available for £447.26 / $551.93, increasing to £497.34 / $613.73 after the promotion. The offer ends April 3rd.

What’s new in version 2:

  • All samples remixed
  • New legato modes & updated regular legato
  • Legato modes added to Stabs & Crescendos
  • New Muted Bass Trombone (Simulated)
  • New Muted Flugelhorn (Simulated)
  • New Muted French Horn (Simulated)
  • New Muted Piccolo Trumpet (Simulated)
  • New flutter tongue articulation
  • Improved simulated vibrato
  • New wah effect for muted instruments
  • New trill samples from minor 2nd to major 3rd

Vir2 Instruments are proud to present MOJO 2: Horn Section, their biggest and most advanced instrument to date! After the release of the hugely successful MOJO: Horn Section, Vir2 Instruments knew its sequel had to build upon the already advanced sampling and playability of the first volume. Vir2 Instruments went back to the drawing board, fully redesigned the instrument, and recorded all brand new samples. MOJO 2 delivers the most flexible and innovative approach to Pop, Funk, Jazz, and Big Band horns ever created in a virtual instrument with an incredibly simple but feature-packed interface. After years of development by an amazingly talented team, they’re proud to release the premier horn section of the decade.

Vir2 Instruments recorded 13 different brass and reed instruments for MOJO 2 to fulfill any horn need you’ll encounter, and for version 2.0 they have added four new simulated muted instruments! Each horn comes with 13 different articulations including Sustains, Staccato, Stabs, Bend Down, Octave Run Down & Up, Doits, Rise To Hit, Shakes, Trills, Swells, Crescendos, and Falls, as well as up to four velocity layers and three round robins.

With Legato Mode you can play the most realistic melodies possible. Vir2 Instruments meticulously recorded the transition period between each and every note, allowing you to play beautiful horn lines that sound truly lifelike.

MOJO 2 lets you instantly adjust from 1 to 10 players per instrument to add extra depth and power to your performance. Further parameters give you control over the humanization and stereo spread of the ensemble.

Blend the three available mic positions (close, near, and room) to get the perfect mix. Utilize keynoise overlay to introduce the sound of the musician’s interaction with the instrument, and tailor the horns with an extensive FX suite.

Features include:

  • 17 brass & reed instruments: Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Flugelhorn Muted (Simulated), French Horn, French Horn Muted (Simulated), Trombone, Bass Trombone, Bass Trombone Muted (Simulated), Trombone Muted, Piccolo Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet Muted (Simulated), Trumpet, and Trumpet Muted
  • 13 articulations per instrument: Sustains, Staccato, Stabs, Bend Down, Octave Run Down & Up, Doits, Rise To Hit, Shakes, Trills, Swells, Crescendos, and Falls
  • 169 single articulation patches
  • Speed knob for controlling articulation speed
  • Four Era presets for retro, vintage, and modern sounds
  • 3 separate mic positions: close, near, and room
  • Additional Full Mix – a processed stereo mix of the 3 mic positions for an easier memory load
  • Recorded with True Legato for the most realistic performances possible
  • Ensemble settings for 1 to 10 players per instrument with auto divisi option
  • Up to 4 velocity layers and 3 round robins
  • Dozens of presets for creative starting points
  • 9 powerful effects for further customization
  • Unique and intuitive GUI
  • Full Komplete Kontrol & Maschine integration
  • Over 100GB of uncompressed sample content

MOJO 2: Horn Section requires a free or full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

For more information on MOJO 2: Horn Section and to compare prices, click here:

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