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APD Offer 67% Off Kantele By Xperimenta Project

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 67% Off Kantele By Xperimenta Project for a limited time, now only $19.99, (usually $59.99). The offer ends April 21st.

Xperimenta Kantele is a sampled library of three beautiful Kanteles, the national instrument of Finland. It includes Concerto Kantele and two folk kanteles, played by the musician artist Emma Lomy and recorded in Helsinki. The Kanteles were sampled in the Sibelius Academy Studios, in a beautiful 110mq recording room in Helsinki using only top-end gear such as DPA, Neumann, and Gefell microphones, Grace Design preamps, etc.

The kantele is the national instrument of Finland, and it belongs to a large family of string instruments called “zithers“. Zithers have a resonating body with a variable number of strings, which can be plucked, strummed, struck, or bowed. In the case of the kantele, the strings are plucked or strummed and the smallest kanteles can be held in the player’s lap. There are kanteles of many sizes: 5-string, 10-string, 11-string, all the way up to the 36-string concert kantele.
Xperimenta Kantele comes with 3 Kantele instruments: Folk Round-Ended Kantele, Folk Small 5-strings Kantele and the beautiful 36-strings Concerto Kantele.

The library is part of the BOOK Series, a new collection of instruments from all over the world with unique textures and flavors. The BOOK Series comes with a smart user interface, designed to have great control over the sound. The engine features also 18 Creative Layers, made with organic elements and analog synths, and +20 Space IR.

Features include:

  • Three unique Kanteles handcrafted in Finland: Concerto Kantele, Round-Ended Kantele and Small Folk Kantele
  • 3 Microphone Settings + mix: Mix, Close, Mid, Room
  • Round Robins and up to 5 Dynamic Layers
  • Articulations like Harmonics, Damped, Plucked, Fingered, and Effects are available
  • Creative Layers: Add color and personality to your Kantele with the “Layer” feature. Kantele comes with 7 instruments and pads
  • GUI: Smart ADSR (Shape) and Tone Control, Keyswitches, Filters, and our unique Formant Control
  • Simple-to-use download assistant Pulse Audio Downloader

Kantele requires a full version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

For more information on Kantele, click here:

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