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APD Offer 60% Off MAD – RockScore By Handheld Sound

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 60% off MAD – RockScore by Handheld Sound for a limited time, now only $79.00, (usually $199.00). The offer ends April 26th.

Mad RockScore by Handheldsound is the perfect tool for creating epic rock music. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily create custom rock scores that will blow your audience away.

MAD – RockScore is the ultimate drum kit library for Orchestral or Hybrid Scores! With 3 iconic drum kits recorded in a large scoring room, you can now easily blend your drums into any arrangement. We’ve developed a unique set of features that give you maximum control over tonal balance and ambience.With MAD – RockScore, you can fully control how the direct sound interacts with the room, making your drums fit perfectly into any mix. And with so much control over signal flow, you can dramatically shape your sound without compromising the drums’ unprocessed raw character.

Get MAD – RockScore now and take your music to the next level!

The highlights

Iconic and vintage Rock drum kits
We picked vintage and well-sought-after drums and antique cymbals. These drum kits feature a heavyweight sound with lots of sustain that redefines what ‘bigger than life’ sounds like!

Extended microphone blending
Recording in a big scoring room was just the beginning. We developed an expanded mixing engine that goes beyond traditional signal flow with total control over microphone bleed. The size and impact of the room sound can be easily controlled to fit any size ensemble.

Dynamic Expression
MAD RockScore features a wide dynamic range that retains all the nuances you’d expect from percussion instruments. This allows for customization of velocity curves to fit your playing style and the ability for real-time crescendo/diminuendo performances using the new Velocity Offset feature.

New level of playability
The drums feature extended articulations including extensive left/right hand samples. Our symmetrical MIDI note mapping makes it easy to play and quickly create realistic patterns. With our acclaimed Hi-Hat engine, velocity shaping tools, and along with legato Snare grace notes and multi-sampled Cymbal chokes, you have immediate access to every bit of nuance.

Flexible in any production
MAD RockScore brings total control over signal flow and therefore can fit nicely with non Orchestral genres as well. With total control over room sound and microphone bleed, you are in control of the raw sound and tonal balance for your arrangement.

Dedicated Groove Engine
Includes over 500 grooves systematically organized with Core patterns and respective Alternates and Fills. All grooves can be dropped to your DAW as 2 bar MIDI clips.

Features include:

  • 3 iconic drum kits
  • Large scoring room recording
  • Maximum control over tonal balance and ambience
  • Fully control how the direct sound interacts with the room
  • Drums easily fit any arrangement
  • So much control over signal flow
  • Dramatically shape your sound without compromising the drums’ unprocessed raw character
  • Ultimate drum kit library for Orchestral or Hybrid Scores
  • Unique set of features

MAD – RockScore requires a full version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

For more information on MAD – RockScore, click here:

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