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ADSR Offer 45% Off Warble + Other 2B Played Music Deals

ADSR are offering 45% off Warble by 2B Played Music for a limited time, now only £20.33 / $20.98, (usually £36.97 / $38.15). There are deals on other 2B Played Music plugins too. The offers end May 1st.

Warble is an advanced fx, delay and reverb plugin where the delayed signal and part of the reverb signal are controlled by smart oscillators.

The plugin consists of 2 reverb engines so that the “warble” and oscillator controlled signals can be separated in terms of size and strength from the output reverb signal.

Before the signal reaches the reverb and warble engines, the delay for the left and right stereo channels can be set independently.
You can also provide the input signal with drive and indicate exactly which part of the signal you want to pass with an excellent filter.

The reverb and warble engines are also equipped with their own filter.

The warble oscillators can be controlled with the warble size and mix settings along with the the rate bar. You can freely move the rate or choose to sync it with your host’s set bpm.

You can also opt for position timing, where the plug-in works together with the host to ensure that the effect sounds the same at every position of your daw playhead.

Use warble as a doubler with vocals, to create ghostly effects with fx sounds, add character and delay to your lead synths or as an extended delay and excellent reverb signal where you achieve cathedral-like perceptions.

Features include:

  • Creative stereo delay engine
  • HQ Reverb engines
  • Oscillator controlled delay and reverb
  • Oscillator controlled warble engine
  • Independent stereo timing
  • HQ independent filter contols
  • Mix controls

Warble is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on Warble and the other 2B Played Music deals, click here:

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