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61% Off Softube’s Model Synth Bundle – An Exclusive Offer

Plugin Boutique are offering 61% off the Model Synth Bundle by Softube for a limited time, now only £139.96 / $174.21, £367.40 / $457.42 if purchased separately. The offer ends April 30th.

1972 – the launch of the US space shuttle program, Soul Train bursts onto the airwaves, and the rumblings of an impending disco explosion echo just beyond the horizon. It’s an exciting time for the world in terms of music and technological advancement, and this is reflected keenly in the newly-uncovered world of audio synthesis, which is beginning to make its mark on the mainstream musical landscape.

The next 12 years see the dizzying climb and calamitous fall of disco, the rise of pioneering electronic superstars Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre into the international consciousness, and the attempts by innumerable musical icons such as David Bowie and Queen to adopt electronic music into their repertoire, often with varying degrees of success.

By 1984, the significance and potential impact of electronic synthesis in music was undeniable, and technology in the field had advanced rapidly. Now a regular sight on international stages, anybody and everybody wanted to play and create with these astonishing new instruments, and the musical possibilities were seemingly endless.

Now, with renewed public attention for the distinctive audio characteristics from this pivotal chapter of musical history, Softube have created Model 72, Model 82, and Model 84 – a group of powerful and user-friendly software synthesisers designed to beautifully and accurately replicate some of the most iconic sounds of the era, many of which carried through right into the 90s and beyond!

…and now, all three beloved instruments come in one convenient bundle, available exclusively through Plugin Boutique!

Model 72

  • Based on a classic analogue monophonic synth from the early ’70s, with the emphasis on sound quality.
  • A component-modelled marvel that’s true to its era with actual use cases and tricks correctly replicated in the software to take you to funkytown.
  • An entire system that includes a model of the original instrument, an FX version, an Amp Room module, and seven Modular modules.

Imagine traveling in time to the early ’70s, an era where new and experimental sounds were shaping pop music and taking it a step further. Softube’s Model 72 Synthesizer System is your vintage synth time machine. It’s component modelled down to the smallest details from a 1972 hardware unit in pristine condition with all the quirks and non-linearities intact, hence the name Model 72.

The result is incredibly authentic sound, with all the warmth and smoothness heard in countless records. Now imagine this classic has traveled into the future to pick up some contemporary features, like doubling and stereo spread, and evolve into a full system with multiple versions for different applications. Wish you were here? Take the Autobahn.

Softube has a long history of modelling professional gear. After nearly two decades working in collaboration with premium pro audio brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, and Trident, Softube have a solid track record recreating indisputable classics in software form that sound precisely like their hardware counterparts. This includes expertise in synthesizer plug-ins like Modular, Statement Lead, and Monoment Bass.

The Model 72 Synthesizer System’s plug-ins and modules are in a class of their own compared with similar software when it comes to sound quality.

Model 72 was created with the same meticulous and accurate component modelling process you’ve come to expect from Softube’s mixing and mastering plug-ins.

It has the perfect vintage mojo and includes four versions that can be used in many different applications – as an instrument, as effects, in Modular, and in Amp Room.

Model 72 is based on a fully modelled vintage monophonic synthesizer that has been a true legend in music instrument history since its introduction in 1970. Affordable, easy to use, and small enough to carry around to studios and gigs, it was the first synthesizer designed for and accessible to musicians and became the archetype for all synthesizers that followed. The sounds it produces can be warm, lush, and luxurious or fat, distorted, and gnarly but not at all ear-piercing.

The software components of Model 72 were measured and matched down to the smallest details from the original hardware, keeping all of its quirks and non-linearities intact. For example, one trick that’s commonly used on the hardware version is connecting a cable from the high-gain output to the external input of the unit to create a roaring, raw, and exciting feedback tone heard on countless records. Obviously, Softube had to add this feature to the Model 72 Instrument plug-in.

Features include:

  • An entire system based on a classic analogue monophonic synth from the early 1970s with the emphasis on sound quality.
  • Era correct: component-modelled to perfection, with all the quirks and non-linearities intact – it sounds and behaves just like its original hardware counterpart.
  • Actual use cases and tricks of the hardware correctly replicated in the software.
  • Four versions included: Model 72 Instrument, Model 72 FX, Model 72 module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 72 modules for Softube Modular. Learn more about Softube Amp Room and Softube Modular.
  • Create combinations in Modular never possible before in real life or in the world of software.
  • Software-exclusive features added: doubler, stereo spread effect, and expanded controls.

Model 82

The raw sound of the original hardware is the stuff of dance dreams. But the unique and inspiring sequencer and arpeggiator took it from a muted debut to full techno colour. Softube recreated every speck of the original circuitry, interactions, and straightforward workflow to give you the only plug-in with a sound, feel, and interface that stays true to the most-used mono synth of the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth is in the house.

  • A ’90s techno idol accurately emulated for faithful sound and feelings
  • The authentically inspiring sequencer and arpeggiator of the up-all-night original
  • Two versions included: the instrument and five modules for Modular

When it comes to creating equipment that enhances workflow and offers the most-supreme quality of sound, Softube’s reputation is rock solid and illustriously long. Softube’s partnerships with premium brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited, Weiss Engineering, and Trident have traversed decades.

Softube constructed Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth on this legacy of creativity, passion, and enthrallment with details. Because to create tools that innovate and elevate, you have to have heart, soul, and Rock & Roll Science.

The original has been called the sound of electronic music. And Softube’s Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synth embodies those iconic lead, bass, and arpeggiated sounds in plug-in perfection. Every circuit and interaction is modelled in glorious detail to preserve the proper interplay between sections and the unmistakable dry mono sound. It’s fun, sounds fantastic, and is still quick and easy to use – more so in fact. 

The hardware put techno on a roll. And the sequencer and arpeggiator were the main reason. Devotees could let go of the keyboard and focus on wielding the oscillator, filters, and other controls. Softube Model 82 plugin provides the same performance and experimentation opportunities optimized for the DAW. And you don’t have to be a trained pianist to play it. Run the sections freely based on the Internal Clock/LFO speed or DAW synced them to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32. The outcome is the approachability and spontaneity that made the original a sleeper hit.

Softube wouldn’t be Softube if they didn’t give you an accurate emulation, plus added modern features. Softube has kept the delightfully straightforward workflow but adjusted the labelling and layout so you can find the sound you want even faster. Softube gave Model 82 a new drive knob that lets you push it, just like they did in the heyday, even more readily. And a new doubling knob enables Model 82 to hold its own in modern stereo productions while retaining its sonic essence.

This synthesizer gained infamy at the all-night dance parties of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Softube’s expert modelling of the controls and circuits – including the famous sequencer and arpeggiator – makes for an authentic and easy-to-use instrument. The added modern features – like doubling and drive – and a refreshed layout help it excel in the DAW. Play it live or put it on a production to effortlessly get the cutting techno sounds that took it from commercial flop to underground success.

Model 82 for Modular offers five fully integrated instrument sections as individual modules: VCO, LFO, VCF-VCA, FX, and ENV. Plug them into your Eurorack system and add more creativity and inspiration with every module. Combine single components of the synthesizer in a modular workflow to build patches – or one monster synth patch! – and get the authentic sounds that defined techno. Or create inconceivable combinations that no other hardware or software can deliver.

Features include:

  • An accurate emulation of the most-used mono synth of the late ’80s & early ’90s.
  • The dry mono sound of the original hardware, authentically captured.
  • The sequencer and arpeggiator that defined techno – now with DAW sync.
  • Two versions included: the instrument and five modules for Modular.
  • Three original, selectable color schemes for max inspiration.
  • Added modern features, such as stereo doubling and drive.
  • An enhanced version of the original, easy-to-use layout.
  • A side panel with velocity and aftertouch control of the VCF and VCA.

Model 84

  • An 80s-era icon of polyphonic synthesizing faithfully emulated through circuit modelling on a component level.
  • The true-to-the-original sound and unique features of the revered hardware—such as two poly modes with proper voice allocation—plus fresh innovations.
  • Three versions included: instrument, a chorus for Amp Room, and seven modules for Modular.

The year is 1984. Splashing down is a majorly righteous polyphonic synthesizer that will go on to outrun its era. Thirty-odd years later, Softube are still vibing on the gnarly Synthwave reverberations this paragon can produce. Used on countless records by innumerable artists, it’s a six-voice synth that set a standard and established a sound. Now it’s time to discover what it can do in the DAW.

Softube applied their award-winning modelling expertise to a fully-serviced and calibrated 1984 unit and the result is a perfect facsimile of the original hardware. Using rock & roll science, Softube have created a plugin that has all the quirks and non-linearities of the 1980s-era idol. Even the clutch factory presets with easy recall of the ’80s sounds heard on copious number-one hits. Added features and flexibility bring the prototype’s influential and unmistakable sound motoring into modern production environs: from Softube’s official Eurorack platform, Modular, to Softube’s pro audio guitar & bass platform, Amp Room—and beyond.

Introducing the most excellent Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer. The retro-future is here.

Softube has a decades-long history of modelling premium audio gear in concert with professional audio brands like Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, and Trident. Softube’s track record of flawlessly recreating hardware classics in software form is well-established. It’s an expertise that extends to synthesizer plugins like Modular and Model 72.

Model 84 is built on this legacy. Softube used the same exacting standards and skills—precise testing and experienced fine-tuning—and the outcome is sound quality that equals the hardware. Or, in terms of clarity, surpasses it. Always more, nothing less.

Softube poured the same fastidious modelling energy into Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer that goes into every piece of their gear. The result is voice allocation modes and an EQ—with bass boost for extra oomph on basslines—that mirror the iconic hardware.

Softube’s meticulous recreation of the unison phase allows you to assign all six voices to one note and to achieve the sounds of the synth that became an industry touchstone.

Model 84 is about control. Extended unison mode gives authority over sync and enables a more pronounced attack to the start of a note. Velocity and aftertouch support promote enhanced dynamic performance with command over the amp, as well as the filter and PW. And the expanded control panel, with added velocity and aftertouch parameters, makes it easier to fine-tune sound and behaviour. Get ‘80s mojo in the digital domain—your way.

Get the authentic sound of the Decade of Greed without spending a  second fussing with knobs. Model 84 comes packed with both the original presets as well as striking new artist presets. Quickly recall classic sounds, original patches, distorted bass sounds, and the Synthwave heard on so many classic and contemporary albums. Or set it to stun with incredible artist presets that range from retro sounds to modern-day fat- and wide-sounding crispy leads.

The synth sound made classic in the 1980s is now available in Modular. Seven fully integrated modules allow you to easily combine pieces of the Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer in a modular workflow. Artistically patch Model 84 modules with other Modular-ready gear like the monophonic legend, Model 72—a feat previously impossible in both digital and analogue realms. Model 84 delivers universe-expanding capabilities and mind-blowing creative possibilities to the Modular ecosystem.

Model 84’s Chorus is a totally unique and brand-new module for Amp Room. Previously unavailable on the pro audio guitar and bass platform, you can now create bodacious guitar or bass sounds with the chorus used in the original keyboard synthesizer and as a design inspiration on a famous guitar stompbox from the Decade of Decadence and big hair. Powerfully dirty and fat, Chorus produces a distinct sound that adds mega wattage to your creativity.

Features include:

  • The authentic sound of the 1980s in plug-in and module form
  • Meticulously modelled on a pristine 1984 polyphonic synthesizer
  • Three versions included: Model 84 Instrument, Model 84 Chorus module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 84 modules for Softube Modular.
  • The unison phase sounds of the original
  • Factory presets for easy recall of classic sounds
  • Stunning artist presets—from classic sounds to contemporary, crispy leads
  • Increased velocity and aftertouch support for added control over the amp, filter, and PW
  • The addition of extended unison mode for higher control over sync
  • An expanded control panel with added parameters for finetuning
  • Pitch and mod wheel assignment, glide, and voice allocation for creative playing

The Model Synth Bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on the Model Synth Bundle, click here:

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