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There’s 48% Off Vertigo VSC-2 + Other Brainworx Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering 48% off Vertigo VSC-2 by Brainworx for a limited time, now only £19.96 / $25.11, (usually £39.00 / $49.07). There are deals on other Brainworx products too. The offers end May 31st.

The original hardware Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete Compressor built its stellar reputation largely on the four custom hand-built, discrete “1979” VCAs used in its design. Unlike other VCA compressors, the VSC-2 incorporates four discrete 1979 VCAs across two channels. This plugin version of the VSC-2 captures every nuance of the original hardware, bringing its smooth, clear, glossy, and precise performance to your DAW.

Each channel in the VSC-2 is equipped with one VCA in the audio path, and another one inside the audio sidechain, allowing it to even react to out of phase peaks without image shift. The VSC-2 provides variable harmonics depending on Gain Reduction and Make Up Gain, making this compressor one of the cleanest “coloring devices”out there, perfect for precision applications like mastering and mix buss treatment.

Although the VSC-2 was developed as a Stereo Bus Compressor, each channel provides a complete set of controls which also makes the VSC-2 a dual mono “must have” in the mix. It gets even better in plugin form with a dedicated mono version. Add on unique and innovative features such as the ratio control, which increases with amplitude in “Soft” mode for smoother compression, and you have a clean-but-colored compressor that can find its way into any mix.

With its Soft mode, the VSC-2 “tip toes” its way into compression, starting with ratios as low as 1:1, and then slowly and automatically increasing to as high as 8:1 as the signal intensifies. This gives you a practically inaudible start to compression, even with extremely dynamic signals. Meanwhile, the Brick mode transforms the VSC-2 into an analog limiter, effectively cutting off signal peaks for a tight, smooth tone with incredibly even transients.

Features include:

  • Ratio variable from “soft mode” through compression ratios of 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 and 10:1 all the way to “Brick” mode.
  • Soft Mode: In soft mode the ratio starts at 1:1 and increases with input level up to 8:1. The compressor “tip-toes” into compression providing a nearly inaudible start to compression.
  • Brick Mode: In Brick Mode the VSC-2 becomes an analog Limiter, effectively cutting off Signal Peaks at the set threshold.
  • SC Filters: Switches for controlling the sidechain filters. In the 60 Hz or 90 Hz positions, these frequencies are largely ignored by the compressor. In the off position, the sidechain filter is removed from the circuit.
  • Stereo/Mono: Switches the VSC-2 between stereo and dual mono modes.

Vertigo VSC-2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX).

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