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Sandstorm By Sampleson Is On Offer

Plugin Boutique are offering 33% off Samdstorm by Sampleson for a limited time, now only £30.95 / $38.93, (usually £46.96 / $59.06). The offer ends May 31st.

Sandstorm is a massive soundscape and atmosphere creator that produces huge and evolving ambients and textures by stacking up to 17 high-quality layers of sound.

From Orchestral Instruments to Analog Synths, Granular and Wavetable modules, Sandstorm can create impressive textures and ambients in seconds.

Sandstorm can create unique multi source sounds that will allow you to rapidly try many variations and ideas for a movie passage or game scene.

Available as a VST/AU plugin and standalone software for both Windows and Mac, Sandstorm is a cutting-edge tool for generating complex and evolving soundscapes. Featuring up to 17 high-quality sound sources, Sandstorm offers a wide range of sonic possibilities that are perfect for modern underscores and sound production.

With Sandstorm, you can experiment with a variety of sound sources, including orchestral instruments, analog synths, granular, and wavetable modules.

Its intuitive interface and flexible routing options give you complete control over your sound, allowing you to shape and mold it to your exact specifications.
All of its sounds are assignable to the mouse macro control. This will help you create new colors every time you drag the mouse over the interface.

Whether you’re a professional sound designer or a beginner, Sandstorm is an essential tool for any film or gaming production setup. With its high-quality sound sources, versatile features, and intuitive interface, Sandstorm is the ultimate tool for creating dynamic and engaging soundscapes and textures.

Layers List

  • Strings 1 [STR1]
  • Bassoons [BAS]
  • Tubas [TUB]
  • Strings 2 [STR2]
  • French Horns [FH]
  • Strings 3 [STR3]
  • Pad Synthesiser [PAD]
  • Upright Piano [PIAN]
  • Male Voices [MALE]
  • Sub Synthesiser [SUB 1]
  • Sub Synthesiser [SUB 2]
  • Wavetable Arpeggiator [ARP]
  • Wavetable Synthesiser [WT]
  • Wind Noise Synthesizer [WIND]
  • Granular Synthesiser 1 [TX1]
  • Granular Synthesiser 2 [TX2]
  • Granular Synthesiser 3 [TX3]

Features include:

  • Cinematic Instrument for music scoring.
  • Ambient, Arps, Drones, Melodic and Textures Modules.
  • ~200 MB.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • 17 sound engines.
  • 88 presets.
  • Automated parameters for DAWs.
  • Granular, Wavetable, Oscillator and Sampling Engines.
  • Scalable HD interface.
  • Controls/FX:
    • Ambient Reverb
    • Master Gain
    • Modules Reverb

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