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ADSR Offer A Deal On Dusk – Future Garage & Chillstep

ADSR are offering a deal on the recently released Dusk – Future Garage & Chillstep pack by Black Octopus Sound for a limited time, now only £16.14, (usually £31.28). The offer ends May 13th.

Dusk Future Garage & Chillstep has 300+ samples and presets that combine unique garage tempos, progressive and futuristic melodies, with rich chillstep textures, to evoke a sense of nostalgic calm and soul-searching inspiration.

Featuring a variety of loops such as acoustic piano, atmospheric drones, basses, drums, guitars, pads, shakers, synths, and vocals, with options for dry and wet versions of acoustic piano, basses, and vocals. This sample pack offers a diverse range of options to create your own unique sound, whether it’s immersive Future Garage, Atmospheric Chillstep Grooves or anything in between.

The drum one shots give you the flexibility to create your own custom drum patterns, layer them with other elements in your mix, or use them to add more texture and depth to your existing beats. There are also full and top drum loops variations, ensuring you have everything you need to create the perfect beat for your tracks.

To top it off, the pack also includes; 6 FX to add the perfect finishing touches to your productions; 21 songstarters so you can quickly and easily kickstart your creative process and get your ideas flowing; and 21 Serum Presets allowing you to further shape and modify these sounds to fit your specific needs.

Each sound in Dusk has been expertly crafted to ensure maximum impact and inspiration. Whether you’re a producer looking for new sounds to add to your arsenal or a musician looking for a fresh approach to your music-making, Dusk will create a distinct mood and atmosphere.

So if you’re looking to create evocative, emotive music that will let you escape into the sunset and capture the essence of the night, get Dusk Future Garage & Chillstep now!

What’s included:

  • 168 Loops
  • 21 Acoustic Piano (Dry & Wet)
  • 7 Atmospheric Drones
  • 14 Basses (Dry & Wet)
  • 58 Drums (Full & Top)
  • 3 Guitars
  • 8 Pads
  • 5 Shakers
  • 21 Songstarters
  • 12 Synths
  • 19 Vocals (Dry & Wet)
  • 131 One shots
  • 122 Drums
  • 9 Vocals
  • 6 FX
  • 21 Serum Presets

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