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Pascal Douillard Price Drops DrumLab And DM2

Pascal Douillard has reduced the price of DrumLab And DM2 for a limited time. DrumLab is now only $1.99, (usually $5.99). DM2 is now only $0.99, (usually $4.99).


DRUMLAB brings a new approach to the Drum Machine by allowing you to play with both Samples & Synthesis drum sounds. With a powerful and easy to use graphic editor to create and manipulate sound, it is packed with 76 ready-made samples and synthesis Drum Kits. You can mix and match any sound from any drum kits to any track of your song. Play a song and load any drum kits (from factory kits or from any other songs) to listen to a completely new song every time. 

  • 7 Sound Engines including a graphical Sampler
  • 73 Drum Kits including 24 Classic kits
  • 20 Stereo Effects including 3 Reverbs
  • Fully Automatable engines, mixer and effects

Features include:

  • Pure Data powered Audio Engine
  • 7 Audio Engines
  • 61 ready-made electronic drum kits
  • 20 hi-quality stereo effects
  • Engines, Mixer and Effects parameters are fully automatable
  • Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
  • Triplets, Duets, Quadriplets steps
  • 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
  • Polymetric Sequencer
  • Graphic Audio Synthesis editor
  • Copy and Paste sounds
  • Save your own drum kits
  • Export your own drum kits
  • Import drum kits
  • Export your song
  • Import songs
  • 9 Pads to play and record patterns
  • With Beat Repeat effect
  • Full screen Mixer with volume, pan and solo mode for each track
  • 4 FX Pads for your Master Effects chain : Compressor | Overdrive >>> Phaser | Chorus >>> Delay >>> Reverb
  • Mode song with easy building and pattern repeat
  • Audio background mode
  • Audiobus support
  • Full Midi implementation
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • Ableton Link compatible
  • Import DM2 songs (to extent, DRUMLAB has a new filter that may responds differently)


DM2 is a synthesis-based drum machine with a dedicated graphic editor, for the creation and manipulation of sound . Yeah, blah blah blah… let’s start again.

Your lucky stars have all aligned. There are blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. So throw your worries away, and get ready for DM2 to bring endless fun and blissful joy to your face. Your colleagues and friends will be amazed at the new you, wondering how your fingers produce such ravishing beats. Strangers may come up to you in cafés and ask you, “That rhythm sounds like heaven. How do you do that?”. Life can be good, so tap your feet, shake your head and let’s start making some groovy electronic beats with DM2.

DM2 has been made by the core team that brought you DM1, one of the consistent best selling drum machines for iPad, awarded with an Apple Design Award in 2012. If DM1 was cool, DM2 is ice cold.

Features include:

  • Drum kits can be saved, exported and imported (iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, etc)
  • 16 or 32 Steps Polymetric Sequencer
  • Single, duplet, triplet or quadruplet step
  • Audio Synthesis with graphic editor
  • 1 oscillator + 1 noise generator
  • 2 self-oscillating filters
  • 2 volume envelopes
  • Pitch modulation
  • Distortion per track
  • Stereo panning
  • Copy, paste and swap sounds
  • Pads to record patterns, with Beat Repeat effect
  • Full Mixing Desk
  • 4 Effect Pads : Compressor | Overdrive | Phaser | Chorus | Delay | Reverb
  • Mode song
  • Songs export and import
  • Export audio
  • Full Midi implementation
  • Audiobus + IAA + Ableton Link compatible

For more information on both apps, click here:

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