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MixWave Release The Milkman Creamer Collection

MixWave have released the MixWave: Milkman Creamer Collection, ultimate refinement to the vintage amplifier, available at the intro price of $139.00, increasing to $169.00 after the promotion. The offer ends May 26th.

With the goal of seeking versatility while finding a balance between a perfectly voiced guitar tone and power, Tim created the ultimate refined alternative to the vintage small format amplifier.

The 20-Watt Creamer became a staple among professional session musicians and boutique amp enthusiasts alike, while being widely considered as one of the best modern takes on the low-wattage vintage amplifier sound.

By using a mixture of component level modeling and proprietary convolution response techniques, we were able to perfectly replicate and broaden every nuance of the classic Milkman sound.

Pop Top Boost

Inspired by the classic American recording consoles of the 1970’s, the Pop Top Boost is designed to enhance the subtle details of the source and invigorate some of that same magic from the world of classic record production.

Modeled with 5 additional op amps including the 741DE, 990, “Red Dot”, vintage and modern 2520’s.

Milkman JHS Slap Boost

The Milkman JHS Slap Boost is the perfect companion to the Milkman Creamer or any other amplifier. Featuring a classic slap delay with an EQ and a simple yet driving clean boost.

Reverb & tremolo

Modeled from the Milkman Reverb and Harmonic Tremolo unit. Controls for dwell blend and tone allows for crafting a subtle plate like reverb, or ride the springs hard for a splashy surfy dripping wet reverb. The unique tremolo circuit is harmonically rich and deep with a very useful range of speed. By modeling two separate units adds the ability to apply serenading stereo reverb and tremolo on a signal.


At the core is the Milkman 20w Creamer. Having gorgeous clean tones and its own reverb and harmonic tremolo truly makes it a vintage classic packed into a modern amplifier. Exquisitely modeled with 3 different tube options to accurately emulate the true characteristics and functionality of the Milkman Creamer sound.

Cabinet & speakers

An extensive cab module of the 1×12 Milkman Speaker Cabinet that includes a massive impulse response library captured at MixWave Studios.

Featuring the Milkman Jupiter 12 Ceramic, Jupiter 12 Alnico, Jupiter 12 Alnico Cream, and Jupiter 10 Ceramic. Accompanied with a world class collection of 21 virtual microphones that can effortlessly be placed around the speakers.

Signal chain

Rearrange the components in any order to easily create your own signal path configuration.

EQ & compressor

The onboard EQ and compressor that can be used before and after the signal allows for instant mix-ready results without ever leaving the plugin.

Milkman Creamer Collection

Get the Milkman Reverb and Harmonic Tremolo, Pop Top Boost, and Milkman JHS Slap Boost as separate plugins. Additionally included with the Milkman Creamer Collection.

The Milkman Creamer Collection is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU, AAX and standalone) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on the Milkman Creamer Collection, click here: 

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