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ADSR Release MIDIGRiD – A Melody Making Grid

ADSR have released MIDIGRiD, a generative MIDI sequencer designed to help musicians and producers unlock boundless compositional potential. MIDIGRiD is available at the intro price of $19.00, increasing to $24.99 after the promotion. The offer ends May 31st.

MIDIGRiD features an intuitive workflow and powerful generative controls that make it easy to create complex, dynamic, and evolving melodic patterns.

With MIDIGRiD, you can create unique and original melodies using an easy, fun, and interactive 8×8 grid layout. Each row of the grid represents a specific note, and each column represents a step in the sequence. Direct Blocks, Upwards, Downwards, Left, and Right can be assigned to the grid, moving, interacting and triggering MIDI notes. The Redirect Blocks enhance the element of randomness, giving your patterns dimension and movement. The melodic parameters to the left of the grid allow you to manipulate the key and scale, the speed of the sequencer, the length of the generated notes, and velocity.

MIDIGRiD includes 75 factory presets across eight popular genres. These presets are the perfect starting point for generating unique and inspiring melodies and for discovering how MIDIGRiD works.

MIDIGRiD is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and standalone).

For more information on MIDIGRiD, click here:

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