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HoRNet Plugins Release Magnus MK3

HoRNet Plugins have released version 3 of Magnus, their brickwall limiter, available for €24.99.

Take your audio mastering to new heights with Magnus MK3, the ultimate brick wall limiter designed to provide exceptional control and precision. Whether you’re a music producer, sound engineer, or broadcast professional, Magnus MK3 empowers you to shape your sound, enhance dynamics, and unlock the full potential of your audio.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology and years of expertise, Magnus MK3 is the go-to solution for achieving the perfect balance of loudness and clarity. As a versatile brick wall limiter, Magnus MK3 offers unparalleled performance and a host of advanced features to meet the demands of today’s audio professionals.

Shape your audio with the versatile clipper section of Magnus MK3, featuring five unique algorithms including tape saturation, allowing you to add warmth and character to your tracks. Fine-tune the dynamics with the limiter section, equipped with five carefully crafted algorithms including an authentic analog emulation, delivering precise control over your audio’s behavior.

Magnus MK3’s intuitive interface allows for seamless control and adjustment. With gain settings for the clipper and limiter, you can sculpt the input levels to achieve the desired effect. The adjustable ceiling limit ensures audio peaks stay within your desired thresholds, maintaining a consistent output. Sync the release time of the limiter to your DAW’s tempo for precise integration, or take advantage of the auto-release algorithm that analyzes your audio and determines the optimal release time automatically.

With up to 16X oversampling for both the clipper and limiter, Magnus MK3 guarantees pristine audio quality and minimizes unwanted artifacts. The output gain compensation feature maintains a consistent loudness level, while the Delta mode enables focused auditioning to make critical decisions based on the impact of the brick wall limiting process.

Magnus MK3 also includes comprehensive metering tools to monitor and analyze your audio. The integrated LUFS metering ensures accurate loudness measurement, while the LU range meter helps monitor the dynamic range. Detect inter-sample peaks and maintain compliance with broadcasting standards using the True Peak meter.

Features include:

  • Clipper and Limiter in a single package for comprehensive audio processing
  • Five versatile clipper algorithms, including tape saturation
  • Five carefully crafted limiter algorithms, including an authentic analog emulation
  • Gain settings for precise control over input levels
  • Adjustable ceiling limit to maintain desired thresholds
  • Synced release time for seamless integration with your DAW
  • Auto-release algorithm for optimized workflow
  • Up to 16X oversampling for enhanced audio quality
  • Output gain compensation for consistent loudness
  • Delta mode for focused auditioning
  • LUFS integrated metering for accurate loudness measurement
  • LU range metering to monitor dynamic range
  • True Peak metering for compliance with broadcasting standards
  • Vector user interface which is sharp on every resolution
  • Support for light and dark mode on both windows and mac
  • Apple Silicon native support
  • macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later) support.

Magnus MK3 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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