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VST Alarm Offer The Ultimate IDM Producer Bundle VST Alarm For Only $14.95

VST Alarm are offer the Ultimate IDM Producer Bundle for only $14.95 for a limited time. The offer ends June 5th.

Introducing The IDM Producer Bundle – a powerful combination of three forward-thinking sound packs: F U T U R A – Hectic Sequences, M A G M A – Heavy Drum Design, and T H R O N – TechnoTronica with PO-14.

Immerse yourself in a futuristic realm of IDM and take your productions to the next level with this unique bundle inspired by the experimental, heavy outer edges of electronic music.

Futurize your beats, immerse your sessions in magmatic foundations, and embrace the weirdness – all in one comprehensive collection that can help you stand out from the crowd and inspire your next creations.


You’ll discover a playground of 120 BPM where urgency and digital edge converge. Dive into pre-made kits and processed patterns, or explore the vast library of one-shots to create your own unique sequences.

F U T U R A has everything from powerful, blasted sequences to pristine, digital sounds, from resonating drums to dirty basslines, and from atonal noise-centered loops to hybrid melodic drum patterns.


Prepare to immerse your beat-making sessions in magmatic foundations.

With 5 kits, 100 one-shots, and 80 processed loops, this pack blends genres like Techno, Hip Hop, BreakBeat, IDM, and Dubstep into a volcanic eruption of sound.

All the sounds have been meticulously crafted and processed, ensuring they work seamlessly together when arranged as kits. Expect massive kicks, crispy hi-hats, impactful snares, intricate foleys, futuristic sci-fi effects, stabs, and chopped vocals – everything you need to ignite your tracks.


Derived by sampling the PO-14 Sub from the Pocket Operator series, this pack offers over 200 loops that have been processed with cutting-edge digital tools.

Set your beats in motion with a forward-thinking fusion of Techno, Electronica, Glitch, Cyberpunk, and Chiptune influences. Dive into dedicated kit folders, where an abundance of sonic material awaits you.

From squelchy digital sounds to edgy synth loops, shattering basslines, glitchy sequences, acid elements, wonky beats, and beyond, T H R O N invites you to embrace the weirdness.

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