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Acustica Audio Offer 60% Off Viridian 2

Acustica Audio are offering 60% off Viridian 2 for this week only, now only €79.00, (usually €199.00).

Viridian brings you the legendary British tone of some of the world’s most exclusive solid-state studio gear, which has been used on countless groundbreaking recordings. To offer you an even more comprehensive set of tools, we’ve also included a powerful modern reissue of a coveted FET studio compressor, which is revered by studio engineers all over the world. And as an extra bonus we’ve added a touch of vintage fairy dust: we’ve also included a hyper-rare German console from the early 1960s.

To say that we at Acustic Audio know EQs very well would be an understatement. After analyzing and recreating dozens of legendary EQ designs, we immediately noticed something particular about this unit and in the way its different bands interact with one other. Its unique behavior is an integral part of the DNA of this EQ, and it is part of what makes it sound so special. We’ve worked hard to faithfully recreate this complex interaction between and across bands in the Viridian plugin.

If you are looking for a beast of a compressor that can mangle, crush, squash, and model your sound like clay, look no further. Viridian 2 includes one of the most impressive analog compressors ever recreated in the digital domain. Simple to use yet extremely versatile, it also includes a preamp, giving you the same coveted sound that’s found in the original vintage hardware units.

In typical Acustica style, we included a dedicated “pre” module composed of 6 different emulations, each with a very distinct character ranging from gritty to mellow.

Viridian 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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