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Rescopic Sound Release Sci-Fi Energy Weapons + FREE Version

Rescopic Sound have release Sci-Fi Energy Weapons, a sample pack containing a complete arsenal of futuristic, modern and sci-fi weaponry, available for at the intro price of $54.20, increasing to $69.00. There’s a FREE version to download.

Rescopic Sound approached this collection with both a highly experimental and practical touch. Further, we aim to give you source material from real-world objects as well as synthesized sounds to design your unique ideas and a variety of fully designed energy weapons for use in your game, film, TV, advertisement or other media.

After months of development and countless source recording and editing sessions, these highly practical and ultra-modern energy weapons are perfect for futuristic machine pistols, small or medium-sized handguns, rifles, shotguns, carbines and big launchers.

What’s included:

  • 655 Designed Sounds
  • 441 Source Sounds
  • 033 Plasma Weapon Shots (5 variants, 165 files)
  • 038 Pulse Weapon Shots (5 variants, 190 files)
  • 020 Plasma Recharge/Reloads (3 variants, 60 files)
  • 020 Pulse Recharge/Reloads (3 variants, 60 files)
  • 020 Compact Recharge/Reloads (3 variants, 60 files)
  • 020 Plasma Fly By/Projectiles (3 variants, 60 files)
  • 020 Pulse Fly By/Projectiles (3 variants, 60 files)
  • 137 Charge Up Sounds
  • 131 Robotic Morphs
  • 066 Mech Processed Sounds
  • 024 Robotic Glitches
  • 083 Whooshes

For more information on Sci-Fi Energy Weapons and to download the free version, click here:

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