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APD Offer 81% Off The Snail by IrcamLAB

Audio Plugin Deals are offering APD Offer 81% off The Snail by IrcamLAB for a limited time, now only $19.00, (usually $99.00). The offer ends June 7th.

Are you looking for a way to tune your instruments and analyze your sounds with precision and accuracy? Do you want to use a revolutionary technology that displays the entire frequency spectrum in a single image? If so, you need The Snail by Ircam Lab.

The Snail is a very high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that delivers an intuitive representation of sounds based on the scales and notes aligned in spectrally active zones.It is available as a Standalone application for Mac and Windows OS, and AAX, AU and VST3 plug-in.

This plugin offers a new way of tuning and analyzing an instrument in an extremely accurate way. It displays the intonation and visualizes music and sounds in a way that can help anyone improve their listening and intonation!

The inner workings of Snail comprises of two modes and three different display views :

The Modes:

  • Music Mode – is the most suitable to view your music with, if for instance it contains complex polyphonic content.
  • Tuner Mode – is the preferred to help tune an instrument as it increases the resolution of the analysis.

The Display Views:

  • Snail View – provides a representation of the fundamental frequencies and all related harmonics or overtones in real time. Sound is displayed as ‘blobs’ along a spiralled view from the low frequencies in the center to higher frequencies (and their respective musical notes) up the spiral GUI.
  • Zoomed Tuner View – displays the hexagonal shape which rotates and slows down as you zero down to green on the exact reference frequency. This display is the closest view to a traditional tuner while being incredibly more precise.
  • Sonogram View – offers a more standard representation of the sound spectrum over time (vertically), highlighting the prevailing frequencies.

Features include:

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Ultimate accuracy in tuning
  • Different combinations of views available
  • Audio player with waveform display to allow analysis of any song or sound
  • Live input for tuning of external sources
  • Tuner mode or Music mode
  • Adjustable Tuning Reference pitch
  • Transposing feature
  • Display of phase relationships possible
  • Hz information display
  • User adjustable colour schemes
  • Click and Tune
  • Color grid option
  • Show grid option

The Snail is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU, AAX and standalone).

For more information on The Snail, click here:

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