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Things – Crusher By AudioThing – Coming Soon To IOS

AudioThing will soon be unleashing Things – Crusher, a bit crusher and filter fx to iOS which will be their 12th 1:1 port in quick succession. There’s no information on pricing and availability.

Things – Crusher is an easy-to-use Filter and Bit Crusher effect plugin. This plugin is inspired by the effect section of our instrument plugin Noises. Crusher features a multimode filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch) with 2 or 4-pole and an output gain, along with a crisp bit crusher (bits, downsample, mix) paired with a harshness control taken from our plugin Reels.

Watch the demo HERE.

The iOS version of Things – Crusher will be available to iPhone and iPad users as an AUv3.

For more information on Thungs – Crusher, click here:

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