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Ueberschall Release Acoustic Space Fusion For ELASTIK

Ueberschall have released Acoustic Space Fusion, a cinematic ambient moods soundbank for ELASTIK, available for €49.00.

With a combination of jazzy nylon string guitars, electric bass and deep drums played with brushes, Acoustic Space Fusion creates wide musical spaces. Whether for cinematic applications or as inspiration for song-based projects, this elastic library sounds warm and organic. Both processed and dry loops are included, giving you full control over the spatial mapping of your mix.

With 3.7 GB and over 550 loops, each of the five construction kits has its own intros and outros as well as three different musical parts. The individual loops are up to 16 bars long (up to 50 seconds) and have original tempos from 74 to 120 BPM. This makes it easy to create extensive music productions.

Each part features multiple nylon-string acoustic guitars, allowing for a wide variety of performance options. The guitar loops are available as pre-mixed stereo loops, solo loops and dry versions. The sound is characterized by the use of reverb effects on the guitars, which give a feeling of big, wide spaces. For more flexibility, the dry versions are completely unedited, so you can add your own effects. Electric bass (both amp and DI) and low-tuned brushed drums support the guitars. The drums are available as pre-mixed stereo loops and as individual tracks for kick, kick sub, snare top, snare bottom, snare trigger, hihat, cymbals, toms, overheads and room.

Acoustic Space Fusion can easily be used in different music genres, be it jazzy ambient, easy listening, mellow pop, lounge or – with some editing – LoFi. For songwriters, producers or media composers who want to give their project a real sense of space, Acoustic Space Fusion offers just the right atmosphere.

What’s included:

  • Mixes: 25
  • Backings: 25
  • Drum Loops: 25
  • Bass drum In: 22
  • Bass drum out: 22
  • Snare Bottom: 20
  • Snare Top: 20
  • Hi-Hats: 16
  • Rides: 23
  • Cymbals: 20
  • Toms: 22
  • Overheads: 25
  • Room Mics: 25
  • Drum FX: 12
  • Electric Bass Amp: 25
  • Electric Bass DI: 25
  • Guitar Mix Mic: 25
  • Guitar Mix DI: 25
  • Acoustic Guitar Mic: 75
  • Acoustic Guitar DI: 75

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