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Excite Audio Release Motion: Harmonic – A Plugin Boutique Exclusive

Excite Audio have released Motion: Harmonic, a new distortion meets filtering meets bit crushing plugin, available from Plugin Boutique. Motion: Harmonic is available for £49.00 / $60.46, increasing to £89.00 / $109.82. Motion: Harmonic Lite is available for £29.00 / $35.78, increasing to £59.00 / $72.80. The offers end June 30th.

Motion: Harmonic opens up new frontiers in distortion, filtering and bitcrushing, placing you at the centre of a dynamic and responsive sound-shaping experience. Transforming your audio signal is now an animated, visually-led and creative experience with the innovative and reactive Hexagon controller.

Improving upon the concept of the traditional XY pad with new dimensions, the hexagonal control surface is first-and-foremost in Motion: Harmonic, allowing its six macro sliders to be pushed and pulled together, in a reactive and creative way.

The six sliders act as macro controls for any distortion, filtering or modulation parameter in the plugin. The sliders themselves are then moved by a magnetic field surrounding the mouse cursor. Your cursor movements can be played live, recorded or pre-programmed; then controlled with extensive syncing and playback options. Moving the effect parameters to the centre of the hexagon means their properties will be modulated by the incoming audio level.

Bitcrusher: Flavoursome Degradation

Set the bit depth and sample rate to bring your signal’s fidelity down, emulating the grit and feeling of early digital systems. Turn up the Dynamic control to focus the bitcrushing effect onto transients, or focus the effect onto a particular band of frequencies. The bitcrusher can be treated with pre filters, and also provides a Mix control to tame the destructive effects, blending the original signal back in.

Distortion: Heat with Feedback

Dial in your preferred flavour of distortion using the Drive and Tone controls, and smoothly transition between tape, tube and fuzz algorithms using the Character dial. Use the Dynamic parameter to weight the distortion’s response more or less heavily to transients, or focus the distortion effect on a particular frequency band of your choice. Motion: Harmonic’s distortion section also houses a Feedback control, adding to the distortion effect with a ringing feedback loop.

Filtering: Highlight and sculpt

When modulated by Motion: Harmonic’s Hexagon controller, these high-pass and low-pass filters, with frequency, slope and resonance controls, can provide anything from distortion-calming and slow, undulating effects to rhythmic sweeps and chops. The filter effects can be placed before or after the Bitcrushing and Distortion modules.

The Peak Filter allows you to dial in a symmetrical bank of peaks or notches to replicate complex audio effects like spectral resonance or shifting phaser sound. Use the No. control to increase the number of peaks, and the Frequency and Q controls to change their position and shape. Contrast and Invert switches add further flexibility and customisation to this unique module’s usage.

Motion: Harmonic is available to PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

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