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Produce-RNB Release LOUD

Produce-RNB have released LOUD, a loudness maximizer plugin designed with Hip and RNB and electronic music in mind, available at the intro price of $35.00, increasing to $69.00 after the promotion.

Say goodbye to endless hours of mixing and mastering. LOUD is here to elevate your tracks to professional sound quality effortlessly. This powerful tool is designed for music producers who want optimum volume without compromising on time, money, or the complexity of the mixing process. With LOUD, you can achieve outstanding results in just a few simple steps. Experience the difference and unleash the full potential of your music with LOUD.

LOUD uses an intelligent algorithm to detect your input signal and bring the audio to a target LUF level of -7, -9, -8 or -11depending on which target you choose. LOUD’s intelligent algorithms and optimized processing take care of the intricate details, ensuring your tracks reach the max loudness levels while preserving the dynamics and impact of your mix.

LOUD focuses on increasing the LUFs of your track while doing it as transparently as possible. LUFs stands for loudnes units full scale (LUFS) and these units do not measure the technical volume level but the perceived loudness. It intelligently increases the perceived loudness while maintaining punch and clarity. While most R&B or Hip Hop productions should easily reach the target, some quiter genres like jazz or classical may not reach the taget. Lower signals below -24 LUFs may not reach a target of -7 LUFs. However, LOUD will increase the perceived loudess of any signal.

LOUD was designed to be as transparent as possible with the music producer in mind. LOUD uses very sophisticated math to bring the life out of any sound by increasing the perceived loudness. While LOUD does this with virtually zero color added, there are cases that may cause the effect to sound overwhelming such as:

  • An imbalanced mix
  • Bass or drums being too loud in your mix
  • Sounds being too loud or clipping before LOUD is applied

The good thing is that LOUD will always keep your mix honest. If you place LOUD on a mix, it will expose any imbalances to correct. Once these are sorted, you’ll know you have a high level, impacful sound. The best way to use LOUD is to place it on the master as you produce your music. That way, you produce into the effect and there is no need for large adjustments at the end.

LOUD isn’t just another limiter, it’s a sophisticated audio processor that takes into account several aspects of the sound and works to acheive a maximum LUF instead of simply inceasing the volume or smashing everything sound to the ceiling. The algorithm prioritizes transparency and punch making your music sound as bright and as clear as possible.

Watch the video walkthrough HERE.

LOUD is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on LOUD, click here:

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