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There’s 73% Off The Samplitude & Sound Forge Production Bundle

Plugin Boutique are offering 73% off the Samplitude & Sound Forge Production Bundle by Magix for a limited time, now only £156.00 / $192.24, (usually £582.95 / $718.38). The offer ends June 25th.

Samplitude Pro X6

Samplitude Pro X is a music production software for audio professionals that fulfills the highest demands in quality for each and every audio production, from the first take to the final master. Samplitude Pro X offers recording and mixing engineers useful features that revolutionize classic DAW workflows. Edit while recording. Apply effects individually to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency and phase for selected tracks. Take advantage of customizable interfaces and automations that will redefine efficiency in your own personal workflow!

Samplitude works using full bit transparency for absolute sound neutrality. The consistent use of floating point calculations ensures that your sound retains its character, even after extensive digital processing. The result – transparency, neutrality, retention of transients and spatiality.

Editing is one of the core competencies in Samplitude. With time-saving workflows, flexible docking options and ultra-precise tools, users can work in a production environment that’s perfectly customized to their needs so they can concentrate fully on projects.

Discover a source of creative inspiration that never runs dry – with practical aids for composition, plus a huge range of tools for creating and modulating sound. Extensive options for producing scores and MIDI editing as well as numerous virtual instruments: There’s plenty here to inspire your productions.

Intuitive mixing, flexible routing and new automation functions for complex recording tasks – on up to 999 tracks. Practical for all productions, ideal for larger arrangements. Now including an improved pan/surround dialog!

Mastering is where Samplitude really comes into its own as a high-quality and reliable audio toolkit. All effects included in the program have been specially optimized for mastering tasks. Easily visualize important signal properties such as peak, loudness, frequency response and phase coherence. Meters can be customized for the task you use them for.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio provides comprehensive tools and features for editing audio digitally. Record podcasts in professional quality, edit your recordings with a full range of professional effects. Digitize old vinyl and modify audio files using restoration and mastering tools for clean, professional sound. Simple workflows for professional results: Experience SOUND FORGE Audio Studio.

Professional recording made easy: Record vocals, sounds, and podcasts in excellent quality at up to 32-bit/384 kHz with this fast, uncomplicated, and reliable audio editor.

Cut, move and edit audio files easily and in a matter of clicks. Achieve perfect results for the project you’re editing in no time at all with professional effects and 64-bit power on up to 6 channels.

Convert old vinyls and tapes to digital audio files and clean up the recordings using professional restoration tools. Export your songs for streaming and CD release using high-quality mastering effects.

CoreFX Suite

The coreFX Suite is the ultimate effect bundle with all the essential tools for professional sound design: It includes a rhythm effect for contemporary productions, five plug-ins for precise dynamics control, three modulation effects for shaping richness and space, and the latest addition to enable automation of essential editing tasks. All dynamic plug-ins display the dry and processed waveform in real time.

The coreFX Suite includes the most important effects for mixing and mastering as well as dynamics and modulation – ready for any DAW. Clearly arranged, goal-oriented for practical application and highly effective. Bring creativity back to the heart of professional sound design.

coreFX included:

  • coreFX VolumeFormer
  • coreFX 2-Point-Compressor 
  • coreFX Compressor
  • coreFX Limiter
  • coreFX Gate
  • coreFX Expander
  • coreFX Delay
  • coreFX Chorus
  • coreFX Flanger

ColorFX Suite

colorFX Suite offers a wide palette for assertive sound coloration. Tape Machine combines the pulsating dynamics of analog hardware with the precision of virtual sound control. Bitcrusher takes the concept of digital distortion to a new level, delivering more parameters for more excitement. Tube Distortion gives sound a singing quality that ranges from quiet and harmonic to fiery and crashing.

With signal routing that can be filtered and modulated, colorFX can be used flexibly – as subtle emulsifiers for masters and grouped signals, or to create a distinctive texture for individual tracks.

  • colorFX Tape Machine
  • colorFX Bitcrusher 
  • colorFX Tube Distortion

The supported plugin formats include VST 2, VST 3 and AU.

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