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Spitfire Audio Release Originals: Orchestra

Spitfire Audio have released Originals: Orchestra, an cinematic orchestral starter pack, available for £99.00 / $99.00.

Originals Orchestra is the perfect starting point for anyone taking their first steps writing with an orchestral library. A comprehensive collection of five essential libraries featuring strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, pads and piano – all you need to instantly create cinematic scores, rich sonic compositions and modern sounding productions. Whether you’re a beginner composer, a seasoned producer looking to expand your cinematic orchestral skills or a fan of Spitfire Audio’s Originals range looking to expand your collection.

Five Originals selections – four of which have been recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, London – an ideal next step for those who own BBCSO Discover or the LABS series of free virtual instruments, or for those who are not quite ready to get Spitfire Audio’s top tier libraries, such as the BBCSO Pro or the Albion and Abbey Road ranges.

  • Epic Strings – Customise and create super clean string arrangements using a 60-strong symphonic string section, featuring London’s best players, recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios
    • Articulations (11)
    • Signals (3)
      • Room — A combination of Tree, Ambient, and Outrigger mics
      • Close — Add definition to the Room signal
      • Stretch — A stretched version of the Room, creating an ambient, synth-like texture
  • Epic Brass and Woodwinds – Nineteen players of dynamic brass & woodwinds, recorded in London’s AIR Studios, perfect for instantly adding power and punch to your composition
    • Presets (6)
    • Signals (3)
      • Room — A combination of Tree, Ambient, and Outrigger mics
      • Close — Add definition to the Room signal
      • Distorted — Add another dimension to your Brass and Woodwinds with this gritty effect
  • Cinematic Percussion – Recorded at AIR Studios with London’s best percussion players, featuring seven instruments and effects – including striking metal hits and tension-inducing swells – for widescreen dramatic effect
    • Presets (7)
    • Signals (3)
      • Close — A trio of valve microphones placed close to the hammers for detail and intimacy
      • Room — Mix of Tree and Ambient microphones
      • Distorted — Reamped through a guitar amp and subtle tape delay
  • Firewood Piano – Performed by Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers and recorded at Colorado Sound Studios, this is one of the Spitfire Audio composer team’s favourites. A detailed upright piano bursting with character, with its cracked bridge creating unique harmonic resonances and a timeless sound
    • Presets (5)
    • Signals (3)
      • Close — Condenser microphones placed over each shoulder of the player for an intimate and defined sound
      • Mid — A stereo pair blended with a vintage mono signal for a characterful sound
      • Pad — Piano samples recorded with the middle pedal pressed, allowing the resonating strings to create a natural reverberant pad
  • Cinematic Pads – Made from symphonic orchestral recordings, originally captured at AIR Studios, treated and warped to create a range of classic pad sounds — from rich, dystopian tension beds to celestial, ethereal textures – perfect for creating atmospheric, ambient sound worlds
  • Presets (23)
  • Signals (3)
    • Mellow – a dulcet pad created from orchestral samples, perfect for creating rich underbeds
    • Bright – an ethereal pad, carefully chosen to pair with the mellow pad
    • Cinematic – a distant pad created using hardware reverbs, perfect for creating atmospheric, ambient sound worlds

Watch the walkthrough video HERE.

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