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Acustica Audio Offer 70% Off Indigo For This Week Only!!

Acustica Audio are offering 70% off Indigo for this week only, now only €59.00, (usually €229.00).

Indigo is an uncompromising 5-plugin suite specifically designed for high-end mastering duties.

Stereo Tube EQ

A vintage-sounding 3-band stereo EQ derived from a modern, discrete, class-A tube stereo EQ with input and output Jensen transformers.

This is a uniquely “wide-range” EQ, focusing on broad-frequency brush strokes rather than honing in on specific frequencies. Thanks to its “aggression” control, it can heat up your sound considerably by generating extremely musical harmonics.

While this is a processor that was designed with mastering in mind, its versatility and sonic beauty also make it an ideal tone-shaping plug during the production stage.

Stereo Tube Mastering EQ

This EQ is to a pro audio engineer what a color palette is to a painter. The sophisticated tonal hues of this versatile “instrument” make it a truly uncompromising, high-end tool that will add incredible dimension to your masters.

Stereo Shuffling Processor

The Indigo Stereo Shuffling Processor is a stereo image processing tool characterized by switchable high-Pass and low-pass filters with a 3/12 dB/oct slope and a tube preamp section equipped with 2 different emulations.

This ambitious and unusual plugin pays homage to 2 different hardware units by dusting off concepts and techniques that are seldom used today, but are an important part of the history and evolution of the pro audio recording.

The first unit we sampled for this plugin was created in Italy, designed and built by Marco Bosisio for Tesla Audio Laboratories; it’s a robust, high-pass and low-pass tube LC filter (inductor-capacitor) with buffered output. It also features a passive elliptical LC filter, which was cleverly sampled and integrated into the plugin as a high-pass filter with a 3 dB/Octave slope, capable of working in stereo, mid, or side mode. To ensure greaterincrease the plugin version’s versatility, we also added a low-pass version of the same filter.

The second unit is a transformer-based, valve-buffered stereo processor that was designed to correct the most common issues of miking techniques and stereo systems. This kind of processing is often associated with the term “shuffling,” invented by Alan Blumlein in the early 1930s, hence the name Stereo “Shuffling” Processor.

Its 10-step stereo field manipulator lets you exploit an emulation of the original Blumlein shuffler circuit, as well as a famous “spreader” circuit developed for popular 1960s British tube consoles. In addition, our plugin includes the emulation of an entirely new stereo correction technique for crossed cardioids, ORTF, and NOS arrays.

The Indigo Compressors: the deep, mellow sound of great dynamic treatment.

The Indigo compressors pack three different dynamics processors into one simple plugin.

Choose from:

  • Mode A: Derived from the mastering edition of a vintage-style stereo analog optical compressor manufactured by a renowned Canadian company hand-built in the 1970s using Class A discrete transistor circuitry and classic input and output transformers.
  • Mode B: Derived from a modern optical mastering limiter/compressor, handcrafted in California and based on classic designs of the early 1960s. It’s thick, warm, and packs a ton of “tubey” character, adding astonishing depth and dimension to any mix. It’s a must-have in your tool kit if you’re looking for versatility and solid frequency response during mixing, mastering, or in postproduction.
  • Mode C: This is where things get fun! This mode is a special “Frankenstein” compressor, created by merging the main characteristics of the previous two models into a single hefty emulation. Think vintage compression on steroids.

Indigo is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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