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Alexy Nadzharov Releases Skippodisk – A FREE Download

Alexy Nadzharov has released skippodisk, available as a FREE download.

skippodisk is an FX that features an algorithm that imitates compact disc reading errors and adds feedback for some comb filtering.

Features include:

  • Main control is a 2-dimensional slider that changes delay time / buffer size using value on X-axis and feedback (positive and negative, -0.997 to 0.997) on Y axis. This control adds some creative comb-like effect
  • Algorithm settings: [ auto ] enables automatic cd skipping. [ dropout ] enables adding silence. Use both [auto] and [dropout] with zero feedback value (in the centre of touch control) to achieve the effect of a CD audio glitch
  • [ bypass ] control and volume control. This slider is in low value state by default

skippodisk is available to iPhone and iPad users as an AUv3 and standalone app.

For more information on skippodisk, click here:

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