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ADSR Launch 808: The Chronicle Pack (Samples & Presets)

ADSR have launched the 808: The Chronicle, a pack containing samples including kits for Drum Machine and presets for MIDIGRID, Hexcel and Serum, available at the intro price of £7.61, increasing to £22.59 after the promotion. The offer ends August 31st.

Introducing 808: The Chronicle: A Captivating Journey Through the Iconic Roland TR-808’s Musical Legacy!

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary musical adventure with 808: The Chronicle! This sound pack is not just a collection of 808 samples; it’s a musical snapshot of the 808’s rich history, evolution, and unparalleled influence on music and culture.

808: The Chronicle is more than just a sound pack; it’s a time machine that will transport you through the legendary soundscape of the iconic Roland TR-808. From its early days in hip-hop and electronic dance music to its widespread influence across various genres, this pack encapsulates the very essence of the 808’s sonic journey.

We meticulously curated 808: The Chronicle to celebrate the 808’s musical impact and evolution. You’ll find an unparalleled selection of professionally crafted kits, samples, loops, and presets, every element is a tribute to the timeless legacy of the TR-808.

We started by creating an expansion for ADSR Drum Machine with 5 fully programmed kits and plenty of top notch samples, got spurred in to building presets for generative MIDI plugins – Hexcel and MIDIGRiD which then inspired us to create 8 full construction kits along with an epic collection of killer drum and synth loops each carefully designed to pay homage to the 808’s heritage while pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Embrace the magic of 808: The Chronicle, and let the spirit of the TR-808 guide your creative journey. We’ve helped get you started with 8 unique construction kits, each a snapshot of the 808’s history and evolution complete with drum hits, loops, midi, presets, oneshots and stems.

While creating the Kits for ADSR Drum Machine, 808: The Chronicle we also delved into the very psyche of the 808. This expansion goes beyond the surface-level audio; it seeks to awaken your production mindset, infusing your creativity with the spirit and ingenuity of the original drum machine. Embrace its innovative ethos to craft compositions that resonate with the soul of this historic instrument and create music that stands the test of time.

The 808’s unmistakable groove and distinctive character have shaped the landscape of modern music, becoming an essential ingredient in the creations of pioneering artists, trailblazers, and chart-toppers alike. Feeding this into Hexcel and MIDIGRiD generates breathtaking melodic inspiration no matter the genre. These presets offer an exciting jumping off point to get your tracks moving, hook them up to your favourite synth and listen to the complex sequenced melodies and chords that follow.

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