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ViatorDSP Release Rust – A FREE Download

ViatorDSP have released Rust, a new audio aging process plugin, available as a FREE download.

Unleash the nostalgic charm of vintage noise with Rust, an audio plugin that flawlessly models the distinct warmth of vinyl dust and hiss. Transport yourself back to the golden era of music, where imperfections were embraced, and analog charm reigned supreme.

Rust captures the essence of vinyl dust and hiss, meticulously synthesized. Embrace the nostalgic crackles and pops that evoke memories of cherished vinyl records from days gone by.

With Rust, you have the power to fine-tune your desired level of vintage character. The age parameter distorts the mid-range, giving your audio that coveted retro vibe. Take control of the perfect amount of wear and tear to create an authentic vintage experience.

Rust empowers you to preserve the time-honored legacy while elevating your audio productions to new heights. Whether you’re a music producer seeking a unique touch or a sound designer aiming to infuse your projects with a touch of nostalgia, Rust is the ultimate choice.

Features include:

  • Authentic dust and hiss synthesis
  • Adjustable age parameter for vintage distortion
  • Precisely replicated mid-range distortion
  • Low and high-frequency cutoffs for realism
  • Seamless integration into popular DAWs

Rust is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information and to download Rust, click here:

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