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APD Offer LFO Pro By Anarchy Audioworx For Half Price!!

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 50% off LFO Pro by Anarchy Audioworx for a limited time, now only $34.99, (usually $69.99). The offer ends August 21st.

LFO Pro is a 6 LFO multi modulation effect and easy sidechain ducking for volume, bass frequencies, and high frequencies, as well as 2 global filter LFO modulators and a pan LFO modulator.

All 6 LFO’s can run in sync together or independently from each other on different timings to create evolving textures and interesting rhythms.

It’s ability to duck the volume, bass frequencies and high frequencies makes automatic side chaining a breeze and can achieve everything from intense volume pumping to focused and transparent rhythmic frequency carving.

Using the flexible sound shaper panels you can create endless amounts of amazing gated rhythms on any sound and adjust the tempo synced speed to fit perfectly with the vibe that you imagine.

By layering the gated or side chained sound with the 2 independent filter LFO’s and the pan LFO, you can construct wide complex and flowing sounds out of anything effortlessly with just a few clicks.

For each modulator you can choose from a list of waveform shapes for the LFO’s to follow, as well as fully customisable shape templates for you to make your own.

Combining all 6 LFO’s running them in sync, or experimenting with all 6 running on different shapes and timings at the same time is a sure fire way to come up with amazing new sounds and rhythmic ear candy for your productions.

Features include:

  • 6 LFO Multi Modulation
  • Auto Sidechain Ducking for Volume, Bass, & High Frequencies
  • Volume Gater/Chopper
  • Flexible Sound Shaper Panels
  • LP Filter LFO
  • HP Filter LFO
  • Pan LFO
  • 80 Presets
  • Easily Create Complex Rhythmic Patterns from Any Sound
  • Run Everything in Sync or 6 Different Timings at Once
  • Easy to Use Intuitive Interface
  • Tons of Control Over Your Sound
  • Thousands of Unique LFO Combinations Possible
  • Super low CPU usage perfect for using multiple instances!

LFO Pro is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on LFO Pro, click here:

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