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AudioThing Release Gong Amp For IOS

AudioThing have released Gong Amp for iOS users (previously desktop only), available at the intro price of $9.99, increasing to $15.99 after the promotion. The offer ends August 25th.

Gong Amp takes an exciting experimental amplifier from the beginnings of electronic music to the plugin world of today.

In 1932, Maurice Martenot was looking for a way to make his groundbreaking proto-synthesizer “Ondes” audible beyond what could be archived with the horns and loudspeakers of the time. He developed a set of “diffuseurs”, of which the “Métallique” was one. Instead of a paper cone or horn, Martenot put a gong behind the amplifier circuitry. This seemingly simple idea resulted in resonances and brilliant overtones that excite audiences to this day.

In 2011, the French company Eowave took inspiration from Martenot’s invention and made their own version, the Resonator Metallik. When AudioThing heard what their friend, Berlin composer Hainbach, did with this rare and discontinued amplifier, they knew this sound needed to be available to more than a select few. So AudioThing made Gong Amp, their third collaboration with Hainbach since Motors and Wires.

Using a complex mixture of convolution processing, physical modeling, and feedback systems, AudioThing have created an instrument that is true to the responsiveness of the original and even transcends it in terms of sound design possibilities.

View the walkthrough HERE.

For more information on Gong Amp, click here:

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