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BAM – Beat Maker And Music Maker – Coming Soon From Imaginando

Imaginando have announced a pre-order for BAM – Beat Maker And Music Maker, their most ambitious project to-date. You can pre-order BAM for €44.70, increasing to €149.00 after the promotion.

BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker gives you everything you need to bring your musical ideas to life.

Whether you want to make beats or make music, BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker is perfect for beginners and masters alike. If you are new to beat making, BAM is the ideal way to learn how to make beats and create music; the easy-to-use interface means you can become a beat maker in minutes!

BAM comes loaded with a variety of fantastic built in synthesis engines and effects: oscillator synthesizer, sampler, drum synthesizer, analog bass synthesizer, analog emulation of drum elements, FX: filter, EQ, delay, chorus, compressor, saturator, etc.Plus the included sample library is a huge sonic smorgasbord of sounds, easily accessible via the built in sample manager and recorder.

Step up your rhythm game and make beats in minutes with the BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker step sequencer. Turn your ideas into drum loops in seconds, with the easy-to-use step sequencer interface.

BAM is not just a beat maker of course, it’s a beat maker and a music maker. Get musical with BAM’s range of built-in synthesis engines, including an amazing oldskool acid bass synth that is sure to take you to a higher state of consciousness. (wink-wink).

Make beats with movement using easy parameter lock style, step-based modulation. Choose any parameter and mix it up on the fly, for real-time hands on control of the beat maker process for endless creative possibilities.

Go from beat maker to live performer in an instant, with the versatile matrix view. Perform and remix your beats or arrange full tracks using the extensive follow action functionality.

Much more than just a beat maker, BAM’s built-in mixer provides control of your mix. Adjust levels, mute, solo and arm tracks for recording and more, BAM is an easy to use, feature-packed music maker that is hard to put down.

BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker comes loaded with a library of samples and sounds, so you can jump in and make beats and music instantly. The combined sample browser, recorder, and selection pool make sample management a breeze.

BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker’s composer panel features a familiar piano roll interface, designed for both desktop and touch interaction. Whether you want to edit beats or Beethoven, you can do it anywhere with BAM – Beat Maker & Music Maker.

BAM will be available to PC, Mac and iOS.

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