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BA-1 Expansions By Baby Audio Now Available At Plugin Boutique + IOS Installation Tip

Baby Audio’s new expansions for the desktop version of their super cool BA-1 synthesizer are now available at Plugin Boutique, each now only £8.00 / $10.17, (usually £15.00 / $19.07). The offers end August 23rd.

Neon Black

Baby Audio teamed up with film composer The Unfinished / Matt Bowdler to create Neon Black: A dark ‘retro synth score’ expansion pack reminiscent of John Carpenter soundtracks, haunted mansions and eerie VFX. If you need some 1980s horror movie magic in your productions – with a modern twist – this is your gateway.

City Pop Vol. 1

Arguably, no one mastered Japanese 80s synths better than the Japanese producers themselves. So Baby Audio teamed up with the brilliant Ryuichiro Yamaki to create City Pop Vol. 1 and 2.

Sleek, colorful and stylish, City Pop Vol. 1 will transport your tracks back to the dreamy metropolis that was Tokyo in the 1980s.

City Pop Vol. 2

In City Pop Vol. 2, Ryuichiro Yamaki explores the origins of JPOP and Kawaii, giving you bright and bubbly sounds with no further processing needed. No matter your style of music, these patches will cut through the mix and pop right out of your speakers.

If you make any kind of pop music, this is a must.

Electro Elixir

Remember your first encounter with ‘the synthesizer’? That strange and otherworldly sound? Electro Elixir is inspired by that moment of wonder. It uses BA-1 as a vessel for exploring the roots of synth pop and electro. With one foot in a Kraftwerk universe, and the other in the future, Electro Elixir brings you pure synthesizer joy. Created by Bastiaan Barth / Solidtrax.

These expansions are currently unavailable for the iOS version of BA-1 however there is an unofficial work-around. Follow these steps.

  • Unzip the downloaded file and place the folder(s) containing the presets in your iCloud Drive.
  • Open BA-1 app, press the “import user presets” button to the left of the preset bar.
  • Navigate to the location where you stored your preset expansion packs, select the desired files and import the presets.
  • The presets will now appear under the USER category in the preset browser.

For more information on the expansions, click here:

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