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Blezz Beatz Updates Mr Sample – A Virtual SP-303

Blezz Beats have updated Mr Sample with new features and bug fixes, currently available for $50.00.

What’s new:

  • The New screen – Stepping out from the step sequencer, you’ll find most of the new features. Here you can play back the individual chops in different play modes: one-shot, reverse and regular note-on playback
  • Stretching freedom – You also have more options with time-stretching now: no stretch, BPM-synced stretch, the original old-school stretch, free stretch – Manually set the grain size and stretch amount and mega stretch
  • Edit Chops – You’re no longer bound to the evenly spaced 16 chops. It’s now possible to initialize 16 chops like the old version, chop them in real-time by tapping your MIDI controller or on-screen pads, or auto-detect chops with transient detection. It doesn’t stop there, you can also edit the start and end points using knobs or sliding the start point on the waveform window. Obviously, some illegal drum breaks are not perfectly quantized, so this is also a great way of tightening them up before sending them into the step sequencer
  • Better visualization – Displaying chops, zooming, and editing the sample range has been remade and fine-tuned
  • Copy patterns – You can now copy patterns in the step sequencer, so if you randomized something you like and want to make a variation of it you can do it without drawing the whole shit in manually
  • New step automations – Apart from pitch, you can now also automate volume, reverse, and stutter per step in the step sequencer. There’s also a new reset button to initialize them
  • Revised effects
    • Vinyl – The original vinyl effect was an emulation of the SP-303’s random digital crackle, which was pretty faithful but honestly not very useful. I decided to replace it with real vinyl crackle that’s slightly sidechained to whatever sample you’re playing. Pick between 6 different versions.
    • Filter – Instead of a dedicated Hiss effect, there are now 4 filters to choose from – HP, LP, BP, and Notch. HP is especially useful when you’re going for that warbled old-school stretch sound to filter out choppiness, but all of them are pretty nice to have at hand and automate.
  • Presets – Since editing your own samples can be non-trivial without a tutorial, I’ve added 100+ presets to play around with and discover the plugin before diving into your own mangling adventures
  • Various bug fixes

Mr Sample is an incredible beatmaking tool armed with everything you need to create Hip Hop and Lo-Fi beats but not limited to those genres.

Mr Sample includes plenty of artifacts, the grain size setting lets you dial in anything from a warbly Madlib-style sound to an extreme old-school jungle slowdown.

Mr. Sample chops your sample into 16 segments and plays them on time whichever note you trigger. No matter what BPM your project is in, Mr. Sample will follow.

Whether you want to play the sample back in order, rearrange it manually or randomize a pattern, Mr Sample has the flexibility. Each pattern also has a range and a pitch per step setting to make it sound even more badass. 

Do some sample chopping using the 12 patterns, or play a skippy mono-melody with a one-shot instrument sample.

Mr. Sample will help you create new sounds you would never have thought of using your original sample as source material.

The sample modes allow for delicious lofi crunch, dividing the sample rate of your sound card. At 44.100Hz, it sounds like the classic SP-303. Reverse mode plays each chop backward, creating some really unique textural cadences.

Features include:

  • Drag and drop samples
  • Randomize Chop sequences
  • Nasty time-stretch – play any note on real time
  • The effects include Compressor, tape hiss, vinyl crackle, bent record, saturator.
  • Lo-Fi 1, Lo-Fi 2 and reverse sample modes

Mr Sample is available to.PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on Mr Sample, click here:

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