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Banshee – Ultimate Vocal Suite Coming For Desktop & IOS

Aurora DSP have announced they have been working on a vocal suite which will be released for both desktop and iOS platforms. There’s no details on the pricing and availability of Banshee.

Join Aurora DSP’s new and exciting project! Banshee is Aurora DSP’s latest product, created specifically for vocalists, sound engineers, and music producers, this innovative audio technology allows for flawless vocal track processing.

Drawing from years of experience in recording studios and producing hundreds of songs and albums, Aurora DSP decided to channel their vocal processing expertise into Banshee.

Aurora DSP understands the importance of quick access to effects such as radio, blur, echo, or distortions without sacrificing creative inspiration. This principle applies to live performances as well. Have you ever wondered how to bring studio sound from recordings to the stage? With Banshee, it’s now easier than you think. Simply connect a MIDI controller, save your favorite settings, and you’re ready to go. No compromises. Dual compression, gating, de-essing, distortions, effects, and shimmer allow for crafting a unique show that will captivate on club stages. Whether you’re mixing, playing, or recording, Banshee will deliver the desired effect in any situation.

Banshee has 9 sections:

  • Input:
    • Input level adjustments
    • Noise gate
    • Essential de-esser
    • 3 simulations of classic US and UK microphone preamps
  • Drive:
    • 4 distortions with varying characteristics
    • D-pad panel for seamless distortion mixing
  • Mod:
    • Modulation effects
    • Shimmer for phrase-ending blurs
    • Classic chorus
  • EQ:
    • Precise tool for shaping curve characteristics
    • Unwanted resonance removal
    • Adding space and clarity
  • TFX and SFX:
    • Reverb effects: pingpong delay, stereo delay, analog delay, reverb plate, reverb hall, reverb chamber
    • Special effects like radio, megaphone, pixelator, telephone
  • Dynamics:
    • Dual-stage compressors inspired by classic 1176 and LA-2A models
  • Doubler / Beast mode:
    • Adding a second or three stereo voices
    • “Beast” mode for a powerful, dense wall of sound
  • Output:
    • Output de-esser eliminating sibilance
    • Widener adding stereo space
    • Limiter

As with other Aurora DSP plugins, expect Banshee to arrive with VST3, AU, AAX and AUv3 support.

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