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Kazrog’s KClip 3 Is On Offer

Kazrog are offering a deal on KClip 3 for a limited time, now only £30.00 / $37.00, (usually £40.00 / $49.99).

KClip 3 is the most transparent way to increase the apparent loudness of your masters, tracks, and buses. KClip isn’t just for mastering – in fact, it’s also incredibly useful for adding warmth, distortion, or saturation to individual tracks – use it to fatten up drums, bass, synths, guitars, vocals, and more! KClip has become a top producer’s and engineer’s choice in pop, rock, hip hop, EDM, audio post, sound design, and audio forensics.

What’s new in version 3.5

KClip 3.5, a free update for KClip 3 owners (also available for a nominal upgrade fee for owners of KClip 2 and earlier.)

3.5 additions

  • New UI design with improved visualiser, OpenGL support, and visualiser disable
  • Comprehensive refactor of the entire plugin codebase
  • Vastly improved multiband performance
  • Improved stability and performance efficiency across all supported platforms
  • Improved tube, tape, germanium, silicon, guitar amp, and broken speaker modes (other modes unchanged)

Features include:

  • Industry leading oversampling quality – mastering grade oversampling with online and offline modes, “eco” mode for realtime monitoring.
  • Multiband Processing – Use up to 4 different clipping modes (or none) split between 4 assignable bandwidth regions.
  • EBU metering (LUFS) – Target loudness optimization to the desired level and quickly make sure your mix is ready for streaming.
  • Resizable Window – Enhanced visualiser and metering expand to fit the desired window size.
  • 8 clipping modes – Smooth, Crisp, Tube, Tape, Germanium, Silicon, Broken Speaker, and Guitar Amp.
  • Threshold – A top user request for 48 dB of additional headroom and/or gain capability.
  • Mid/Side processing – Clip your mid and side signals separately for extra stereo imaging control.
  • Settings A/B comparison – And other workflow enhancements, such as expanded oversampling options, window settings recall, wet/dry on front panel, and more!

KClip 3 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the KClip 3 and True Iron deals, click here:

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