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Viator DSP Release Bedroom Comp Mk2 – A FREE Download

Viator DSP have released Bedroom Comp MK2, a blend of VCO and Opto compressors available as a FREE Download.

Introducing the Bedroom Comp MkII: Your Dynamic Range Essential!

Elevate your sound to new heights with the Bedroom Comp MkII. With a perfect blend of VCA and Opto compression models, this plugin gives you precise control and an analog touch for a polished and professional sound.

Dual Compression Models, Singular Excellence:
Experience the best of both worlds with VCA and Opto compression models, seamlessly selectable in the Bedroom Comp MkII. Tailor your sound with finesse, whether you need quick and surgical or vintage and smooth compression.

Enhance your tracks with the power of the Bedroom Comp MkII. Elevate your audio production with dynamic precision and analog elegance.

For more information and to download Dedroom Comp Mk2, click here:

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