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APD Offer 33% Off Animation Station 2.0 By Sample Logic

Audio Plugin Delas are offering 33% off Sample Logic’s Animation Station 2.0, available at the intro price of $99.99, increasing to $149.99 after the promotion. Version 1 users can upgrade for $25.00. The offer ends August 29th.

What’s new in version.2.0:

  • ABCD patterns: now it is possible to switch between 4 patterns. There is right-click menu for copying, pasting and reseting patterns. There are 4 key switches that can be attached. When host plays, plugin switches patterns at the first beat of the next bar.
  • Updated preset management to support ABCD presets as well as original 1-pattern presets. When a 1-pattern preset is picked, it is loaded into the currently active slot only; presets with several active patterns load into all slots and inactive slots are rewritten with default patterns. It is also possible to load a single pattern from any preset into the currently active slot by picking ABCD buttons at the right side of the preset name.
  • Global settings (gate, velocity sensitivity, swing) exposed as plugin parameters which enables users to modulate them.
  • Modulation system has been reworked with 2 modes: mod wheel does not edit sequence directly; instead, it is applied as modulation to stored values and visualized as semi-transparent fills on top of velocity/duration bars. Absolute mode ignores current values); Relative mode takes current step values as a mid-point.
  • Transpose sliders are reworked – Now there are 2 edit modes: octave and chromatic. Modes can be switched in the right-click menu under slider presets, or with a left click on the transpose slider then holding shift key while sliding up/down.
  • Extended stutter rates: added triplets – Reworked Latch filter to support notes compound. When new note is played, latch filter activates to 200ms timeframe to let other notes of a potentially played chord to be latched as well. Then latch filter closes and resets currently latched notes when new notes or a chord is played.
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Included new 250 preset expansion pack “Breaking Borders” by Ben Aylon added.

Sample Logic is proud to deliver an entirely original sequencing engine specifically engineered for masterful MIDI manipulation – Animation Station 2.0 – the next step in assisted music creation. With its intelligent “Step Animator” engine, creating powerful MIDI arpeggiation patterns and step sequences has never been easier. Play single notes, or chords and let Animation Station 2.0 take your virtual instruments on a creative ride. Play, edit, and even export the MIDI sequences to use outside of the plugin. Animation Station 2.0 is the world’s most advanced and flexible arpeggiator…STEP INTO THE FUTURE!

Whether you need a quick and easy way to create memorable melodies, or you just want to glitch the night away, Animation Station 2.0 is for you. With tight deadlines and demanding clients, dialing in a perfect pattern quickly can be a life-saver and this rapidly robust plugin makes that happen! Take your favorite virtual instrument, synth, drum machine, sample library, or even vintage hardware, then add Animation Station 2.0 as a MIDI effect – you’ll hear the incredible transformations instantly. This plugin is designed to generate limitless musical phrases with minimal effort. Simply play a few notes and cycle through the presets to find your perfect motion. Animation Station 2.0 is an intuitive and dynamic one-stop solution for creating awesome arpeggio patterns with a little stutter and glitch on the side. The included presets offer a world with limitless possibilities, from simple standard arps to extreme experimental patterns and everything in between. For songwriting inspiration, try the melodic and chordal sequences, or drum machine style patterns for kicking your beats up a notch, or even glitchy stutters that would previously have taken forever to create using standard MIDI programming.

Animation Station 2.0 is available to PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

For more information on Animation Station 2.0, click here:

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