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Foil Imprints Release Additive 2600

Foil Imprints have released Additive 2600, a sample pack which explores the quirky charm and character of the iconic grey Arp 2600 (featuring the model 4012 filter). Addictive 2600 is available for $5.00.

This pack features a comprehensive collection of polyphonic pitched synths, tape synths, bass instruments, drum kits, and classic Arp percussive sound effects.

Each of the the four waveforms (the 2600’s pulse, saw, noise modulated triangle, and square sub oscillators) were multi-sampled four times per octave from C1 to C6. A second set of all these samples were recorded to tape using the Tascam Porta 414 machine. Each note was recorded to tape with hand played subtle pitch modulation, then edited again, looped, and multi-sampled. The pitch modulation varies for each note, resulting in a beautifully rich and drifting polyphonic synthesizer, featuring the fragile idiosyncratic qualities of tape noise, drift, and micro fluctuations.

Bass instruments feature useful pitched sub basses created multi-sampling each note from C1 to C4. Drum Kits feature 3 kits, each comprising of 16 samples of electronic drums, covering kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, toms, congas, clave’s and quirky percussive sounds. FX Instruments features 3 sets of FM type effects — 16 samples in each set — classically associated with the Arp 2600, making use of its’ wonderful spring reverb.

What’s included:

  • 1 multi-sampled polyphonic 2600 4 oscillator synth
  • 1 multi-sampled polyphonic 2600 4 oscillator tape synth
  • 2 sub bass instruments
  • 3 drum kits
  • 13 drum instruments
  • 3 FX instruments
  • 24bit · 44.1kHz wav

Watch the audio demo video HERE.

For more information on Additive 2600, click here:

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