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Montage: Whoosh Essentials – Recently Added To Loopmasters & Loopcloud

Loopmasters and Loopcloud have announced the recent addition of Montage: Whoosh Essentials by SFXtools.

Prepare to be blown away by Montage: Whoosh Essentials – this cutting-edge collection features over 400 meticulously crafted sound effects that will leave you spellbound. Designed to be the go-to toolkit for sound designers, filmmakers, game developers, and music producers, this library guarantees to infuse your projects with unparalleled sonic energy and cinematic flair. Get ready to take your audio creations to the next level with this powerful and versatile arsenal of SFX whooshes.

Immersive Folder Categories: Organised for your convenience, Montage: Whoosh Essentials boasts a diverse array of folder categories. Explore the primal forces of nature with elemental, water, rock, air, and fire whooshes, adding depth and realism to your projects. Enhance your audio creations with richly textured and magical whooshes that create an otherworldly atmosphere. Capture the essence of motion with swift and dynamic whooshes, including those of vehicles and fast-moving objects. Envelop your audience in a cinematic experience with a carefully curated selection of epic, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and generic whoosh-bangs.

Intuitive and Ready-to-Use: Each sound effect is neatly categorised and named for effortless navigation. Simply drag and drop the perfect whoosh into your project, and let the magic unfold. The carefully crafted folder structure makes it a breeze to find the exact sound you need, saving you precious time in the creative process.

Elevate your productions and immerse your audience in a world of breathtaking audio experiences. Whether you’re working on a high-octane action sequence, a serene underwater scene, a mystical magical encounter, or a futuristic sci-fi battle, these whooshes seamlessly adapt to your creative vision. Craft enthralling soundscapes for film, television, video games, podcasts, music productions, and more with ease.

Let your creativity run wild and bring life to every frame with our expertly crafted whoosh sound effects!

What’s included:

  • 1.07 GB
  • 24-Bit / 96kHz WAV
  • 424 Total Whooshes
  • 39 Air
  • 147 Cinematic
  • 33 Fire
  • 33 FlyBy
  • 15 Magic
  • 27 Motion
  • 25 Rocks
  • 34 Texture
  • 35 Vehicle
  • 36 Water

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