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APD Offer 67% Off Veevum Morph, Synth & Sync Mod-Tron Bundle By Audiofier

Audio Plugin Delas are offering 67% off the Veevum Morph, Synth & Sync Mod-Tron Bundle by Audiofier for a limited time, now only $35.00, (usually $105.00). The offer ends August 30th.

This is a collection of ambient and cinematic instruments for Kontakt, a software sampler that allows you to create and play musical sounds with your computer.This bundle consists of the 3 of the latest additions to Audifier’s Veevum series: Veevum Morph, Veevum Synth and Veevum Sync Mod-Tron.

VEEVUM MORPH is a library that provides pads, soundscapes, loops and effects generated from a large pool of synths and acoustic instruments recordings. It allows you to transition between two sets of sounds, A and B, in various ways to create unexpected variations, motions and evolutions.

VEEVUM SYNTH is a library that does not use samples of audio recordings, but instead uses 80 single cycle waveforms that allow you to build analog synth sounds from scratch. It can handle 20 oscillators at once, making it a powerful sound design tool for modern producers and composers.

VEEVUM SYNC MOD-TRON is a library that uses modular synths and monophonic sounds to create iconic Mellotron-like flutes and vocals, as well as other sounds that work well in modern productions. It also features a sync mode that lets you lock the sounds to your host tempo and create rhythmic patterns.

Features include:

  • The libraries use a honeycomb style interface that allows you to select up to 50 sound sources per patch, and filter them according to various categories
  • The libraries offer seven playing modes that let you play the sound sources in different ways, such as random, stack, spread, curves and velocity layers
  • The libraries feature an arpeggiator that can generate sequences of notes with different sound sources, and an ornamento engine that can add extra notes according to predefined intervals
  • The libraries include a step volume and a step filter effect that can create rhythmic patterns and modulations for the sounds
  • The libraries have a convolver with unique impulse responses that can dramatically change the sound characteristics, and a random FX feature that can activate a special convolver on specific notes
  • The libraries also have other effects such as delay, reverb, phaser and rotator, as well as portamento, unison, pitch LFOs and volume AHDSR controls

The Veevum Morph, Synth & Sync Mod-Tron Bundle requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

For more information on the Veevum Morph, Synth & Sync Mod-Tron Bundle, click here:

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