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MusiKraken Has Been Updated

Snarp have updated MusiKraken with a couple of new additions. Musikraken is currently available for $9.99.

What’s new in version 1.52

  • New Distance module to use the distance between two items tracked by the camera as a new input value.
  • New Magnetometer module.
  • New Finger Tracking module that is similar to hand tracking, but has one pair of x- and y-port per finger.

MusiKraken is an Experimental MIDI Controller Construction Kit. Make music using your hands, face, voice or by rotating the device!

Choose from several types of modules in the editor and connect the ports to create your own MIDI controller setup. Use device sensors like Touch, Accelerometer, Microphone and Camera (face, hand and body joint tracking and depth sensor support) to generate MIDI signals. Route the MIDI signals through effect modules to control multiple instruments simultaneously or generate creative combinations.

MusiKraken supports sending and receiving MIDI data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or via Core MIDI (for example by using Inter-Device Audio and MIDI (IDAM)). And it can host Audio Unit Instruments.

Important: Please note that some of the modules only work on iOS devices with specific hardware: ARKit Face Tracking and the TrueDepth module need a TrueDepth front camera, and Hand and Body Joint Tracking needs at least iOS 14, and might be too slow on older devices.

Watch a quick demo of MusiKraken HERE.

For more information on MusiKraken, click here:

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