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MPC Samples Release MPC DX7 – FM Synth Expansion

MPC Samples have released MPC DX7, an FM synth expansion, available at the intro price of £20.99, increasing to £27.99 after the promotion. The offer ends August 27th.

The MPC DX7 instrument expansion features a stunning blend of modern and retro timbres with the FM synthesis sounds of the Yamaha DX7 combined with analog oscillators and MPC FX.

More than a simple sampled instrument collection, this expansion combines multisampled DX7 FM synthesis tones with a mix of analog oscillators , sample layers and MPC FX, to produce an exceptional range of expressive MPC instruments possessing a truly unique blend of modern and retro timbres suitable for any style of electronic music.

Inside there’s 121 keygroup instruments featuring the distinctive punchy bass, deep mids and glassy highs of the DX7 recorded with up to 4 dynamic layers per instrument. Each instrument also features a full set of pre-mapped MPC Q-LINK macros so you can easily adjust and further shape the sound, with separate controllable sub, noise and harmonic layers and adjustable lofi, modulation and ambience FX controls.

Need more lower end? Just twist the ‘sub’ QLINK. Need more grit? Turn the ‘lofi’ QLINK or add one of the 7 different noise layers (including white and pink noise, tape hiss, three different types of vinyl crackle and static). For a full breakdown of the pre-mapped Q-LINKs, check out the MPC DX7 User Guide.

As with all our expansions, all instruments are configured for minimal memory usage and feature colour coded pads, sample/instrument keyword ‘tagging’ and baked-in audio previews – just preview the instruments in the browser, load into your project and play with the pads or an attached keyboard (‘pad perform’ and the arpeggiator fully supported).

MPC DX7 is built for any modern MPC running MPC 2.11 (or greater) – this means it is 100% compatible with any of the following:

  • MPC X, MPC X SE, MPC Live (I & II), MPC One/One+, MPC Key 61
  • Akai Force (firmware 3.2+)
  • MPC Software
  • MPC Beats
  • MPC Renaissance/MPC Studio/MPC Touch
  • The MPC Studio ‘Mk 2’ controller (touchstrip can be used for pitch bend of LFO mod wheel control)
  • Any non-MPC controller mapped to MPC Beats or the MPC Software

For more information on the MPC DX7 expansion, click here:

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