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The Very Loud Indeed Co Release BODHI: Zen Chimes For Kontakt

The Very Loud Indeed Co have released BODHI: Zen Chimes, a Kontakt instrument mainly based on the Quartzophone, available at the intro offer of $17.00, increasing to $29.00 after the promotion. The offer ends August 31st.

BODHI is a Kontakt instrument designed for speed, flexibility, and ease of use. BODHI is mainly based on the Quartzophone, a tuned percussion instrument made of crystal cylinders, which produce a warm, mellow sound, and is ideal for creating soothing and reflective zen moods. However, it also includes two sets of chromatic windchimes, and it allows a large number of combinations of its 9 sound layers.

Features include:

  • 176 sound files at 24 bit / 48 kHz resolution in a compact 960 MB footprint
  • 3 sampled pitched percussion instruments (Quartzophone, high wind chimes, low wind chimes)
  • Simultaneously playable short notes and pads in each instrument module
  • 10 highly curated presets to serve as starting points or templates
  • Instrument modules can be activated or deactivated to save on voices and CPU power
  • All WAV files are included, so you can use them in your DAW or other samplers

Bodhi requires a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later.

For more information on Bodhi, click here:

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