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APD Offer 61% Off Clipper By Black Salt Audio

Audio Plugin Delas are offering 61% off Clipper by Black Salt Audio for a limited time, now only $19.00, (usually $49.00). The offer ends September 3rd.

Do you want to control the transients and dynamics of your signal with ease and precision? Do you want to achieve modern loudness without destroying the punch and impact of your sound? If so, you need Clipper by Black Salt Audio!

Clipper is a plugin that can help you shape your sound via a digital hard clipping algorithm. It has only two controls: input gain and clipping threshold, which give you direct visual feedback on the amount of clipping that is happening to your signal.

You can use Clipper on various sources, such as drums, guitars, vocals, or even the master bus, to add some salt and spice to your mix.

The only way to achieve modern loudness without destroying the punch and impact is with smart, purposeful clipping in the mix. Other clippers on the market are overcomplicated, overpriced, ugly, or all of the above… so we decided to make the clipper every real mixer wants: a dead-simple tool that gets the job done in seconds.

With simplicity at the core of every plugin we develop, BSAClipper is no exception. This precision mix tool has only two controls, so dialing in an aggressively bold sound has never been easier.

Clipper is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Clipper, click here:

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