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BLEASS Release BLEASS Fusion

BLEASS have released BLEASS Fusion, a very powerful wave shaping tool, available to desktop and iOS users. The desktop version is available for only $19.99, the iOS version is $9.99.

BLEASS Fusion is a unique and powerful waveshaping tool that harnesses the limitless flexibility of wavetables for huge distortion or subtle saturation.

Unleash sumptuously smooth saturations, disgracefully dirty distortions, and maximally mad mashups!

BLEASS has designed Fusion to be one of the – if not the – most versatile and adaptable distortion and saturation plugins available today, able to completely change its entire tone and character in an instant. The magic comes from the way in which wavetables define the sonic results of processing, and so empower the plugin with the versatility to satisfy your every sonically-destructive whim.

Whether you want to spice-up your audio with the lightest sprinkle of sizzle, smother it in a luxuriant fluffy blanket, or shatter it into fractured shards, BLEASS Fusion provides the perfect waveshaping weaponry for the job. And should you find that the 58 included wavetables don’t quite fulfill your distortion dreams, importing your own custom wavetables is simply a matter of dropping a file into a folder.

A pair of multi-mode resonant filters allow BLEASS Fusion to focus its fury on particular frequencies, or can be used to tame its more extreme excesses. And with a full complement of modulators that add movement and dynamism to your sound, a huge palette of expressive, rhythmic and evolving distortions are just waiting to be explored.

BLEASS Fusion is available to PC, Mac and iOS users (VST3, AU and AUv3).

For more information on BLEASS Fusion, click here:

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